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Italy, Calabria from above

For incredible cities and gorgeous scenery, look no further than Calabria. Located in the south of Italy, this dynamic region has everything you need for the perfect getaway. Escape to the picturesque coast and enjoy the crystal clear seas and sunny skies. Head to a national park for an unforgettable hiking trip. Check out the city of Reggio and see Calabria’s many cultural treasures. Admire ancient Roman art at a museum, or spend the day shopping at one-of-a-kind boutiques. Savor all the delicious flavors of authentic Italian cuisine. You’ll never run out of things to do during your Calabria vacation.

Calabria is a diverse region with five unique provinces. Catanzaro is the capital, and there you’ll find both beautiful beaches and spectacular mountains. Reggio Calabria is the most populated. You’ll love all the museums and historical landmarks. In Cosenza, be sure to visit the city of Bruzi, which is one of the oldest cities in the region. Crotone is home to both ancient monuments and fabulous landscapes, making it the perfect place for an adventurous Calabria vacation. If you’re looking for relaxation, Vibo Valentia has tons of beaches, in addition to its own fascinating history. The possibilities are endless.

Calabria has something to appeal to everyone. Known for its amazing coastline, Calabria is a wonderful destination for travelers looking to relax. For a particularly fabulous trip, head to Capo Vaticano in Vibo Valentia. Named one of the hundred most beautiful beaches in the world, it is home to sparkling blue waves and sandy getaways that are perfect for a relaxing Calabria vacation. Water sports are also a popular activity at Calabria’s coastal resorts. Try windsurfing over the sea, or go on a SCUBA adventure and see the colorful underwater landscape, as well as shipwrecks from World War Two. If you’re interested in on-land activities, Calabria has plenty to do. Calabria has several national parks you can explore. Travel to the National Park of Pollino in Cosenza for hiking and rock climbing, or go for a skiing trip in the mountains of Sila National Park. Whether you prefer the mountains or the sea, Calabria has just the right destination for you.

A Calabria vacation is also the ideal way to experience the magnificent culture of southern Italy. With a history extending all the way back to ancient Rome, many provinces have ruins where you can learn about Roman mythology and legend. In Crotone you’ll see Apollo’s Temple, for example, and in Catanzaro you can visit Scolacium, the remains of a city that dates back before Roman times.

In addition to its many historic sites, Calabria has a variety of art museums. The National Museum of Magna Grecia has archaeological artifacts, as well as marvelous bronze statues known as Riace bronzes. Though they were created in the 5th century BC, they are masterpieces that draw tourists from around the world.

Finally, a Calabria vacation wouldn’t be complete without tasting the incomparable cuisine. Calabria is known for fresh pasta and seafood, so whether you eat in a 5-star restaurant or a casual café, you know the food will be delicious.

Drone and HD footages

We find the best drone and HD footages of the country, have a look and be inspired. You can see and write comments, and recommend other good videos in the disqus field below.


36 Hours In Rome

A Quick Guide To Rome How is it possible to see all of Rome in such a short time? This is a guide to get the most out of Rome in the shortest amount of time. A meal in the old Trastevere part of the city has several benefits. Firstly there is a multitude of touristy type sidewalk restaurants and pizzerias to choose from and secondly they are within gentle strolling distance of several significant landmarks, including the well preserved Pantheon. Rome...

Florence. Antipasti Feast

Top class Travel TV. Some good ideas for Foodies Overlooking the Arno, there is a traditional Tuscan trattoria called the Antico Ristoro di Cambi, run by the Cambi family that will welcome you with a warm ambience. The tuscan vegetable soup (ribollita) and the fiorentina T-bone steak are amazing. (Close on Sunday, Via S. Onofrio 1r Situated Oltrarno, the cheap trattoria la Casalinga is usually packed up. Situated between Pitti Palace and S. M. Del Carmine, serves ribollita and other typical dishes...

Florence. Church of San Miniato and Piazzale Michelangelo

Top class Travel TV. Travel TV about Italy and most interesting Italian cities and biggest sights Interesting history and good travel ideas delivered to you in professional short travel tv clips presented and narrated by Rick Steves. We find the best travel TV and video programmes and share them on this website. Be inspired by the video and history.

Florence. Famous Dome and Bronze Doors

Top class Travel TV. Overflowing with history, art and culture, Florence is a city that’s very hard to do justice to in a single day. A visit to the Uffizi museum alone could easily eat a day or two into any itinerary. Starting off in the main Piazza, you’ll easily spot the famous Duomo, with its magnificent terracotta coloured cupola. If you are there early enough to avoid the crowds and feel you can face the 463 steps I’d recommend starting...

Florence. Michelangelo’s David

Top class Travel TV. Stroll around the streets surrounding the Duomo, and then take a walk to the nearby Piazza della Signoria. Here you’ll find a unique outdoor gallery of sculptures, including Neptune’s Fountain and a copy of the famous Statue of David. You’ll also find the Palazzo Vecchio (the Old Palace) here. This was built in the early 14th century and is still used today for its original purpose, as a Town Hall. Just beside the Palazzo you’ll find the...


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