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You can find Troyes in the northcentral part of France, right on the Seine River. It’s in the Champagne region and one of the most unique aspects of this town is that many of the half-timbered houses from the 16th century have managed to survive.

It’s presence dates back to the times of the Roman occupation and it was at the hub of most major roads that existed in the ancient world, including the primary Via Agrippa.

If you’re looking for a city that offers the classic French experience, but in a truly unique way, then you’ll want to spend some time in Troyes. Here are some of the things you could expect to see when you visit this city.

What Will You Want To See When Visiting Troyes?

After visiting the lurching, not quite so square or level half-timbered homes in the 16th century section of Troyes, consider making your way over to the Museum of Modern Art. There are a number of highlights to see in this museum, including a large collection of fauvist works. Although it is classified as modern art, there are some pieces on display that were created as early as 1850. Glass and ceramics are on display in addition to the paintings.

The story behind the Saint Urbain Basilica makes it an interesting site to visit as well. Pope Urban IV was born in Troyes and his father was a shoemaker. The Basilica is established on the spot where his father’s shop once stood. The 13th century Gothic influences dominate the outward appearance of the religious building and you won’t want to miss the incredible craftsmanship that exists in the 13th century stained glass.

A stop at the Hotel de Vauluisant will also provide you with a wonderful adventure. It’s a mansion that has a distinctive Renaissance feeling to it, as well as a bit of a haunting expression. There are two museums on the site to tour through. Just be careful to tread carefully as to not wake the ghosts!

What Is Waiting For You In Troyes Today?

One of the best things you can find in Troyes isn’t on the inside. It’s a table that you can get in the cobbled courtyard of Le Valentino, which has been a hub of restaurant activity in the city since the 17th century. The rose colors that dominate the courtyard are reminiscent of the Saint Urbain Basilica and the food is equally spectacular! We highly recommend having the char fried with the fresh parsnips.

For a final stop in Troyes with a taste of local flavors, we highly recommend spending a bit of time in the neighborhood bar that is the Dixi Cafe. It’s a younger crowd that comes here, but the fruit-infused rum is perfect to drink no matter what age you might be. Grab a snack if you’re hungry and enjoy the experience!

Troyes has many exciting things to see and do, which makes means the perfect day could be just waiting for you here. Find out what this city has in store for you with a visit, use these ideas to plan your trip, and you’ll enjoy leaving the world behind for just a bit.

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