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Because of its large military harbor on the Mediterranean Sea, Toulon might not be the first location for a holiday or a weekend city visit for many folks.

The entire Mediterranean Fleet is stationed in Toulon and much of the industry in this city revolves around supporting the fleet. Despite the naval presence, there is still much to see and do that makes a visit to this wonderful city a great experience no matter what season you decide to pay it a visit.

Are you planning a trip to Toulon right now? If so, here are a few of our essentials that you may wish to include as you work on finalizing your plans. Let’s take a look!

There Are Several Museums That Make Toulon Special

If there is a large naval presence in Toulon, then it only seems logical that the  Museum of the French Navy would also be located here. Founding in 1814, its location actually has even more historical appeal, being at the monument gate of the Arsenal of Toulon that was built in 1738. It’s one of the only buildings that survived the Allied bombings during World War II and if you love the sea, then you’ll love this museum.

There are three good art museums in town, starting with the initial Museum of Art that was founded in 1888. It features a wide array of classical and modern art, from landscapes to the New Realism movement and even a small collection of photographs. The Hotel des arts also presents five exhibits per year of work by well-known contemporary artists. The Museum of Asian Arts is located near Fort St. Louis in a house that sits on the waterfront.

You Can’t Miss Old Town in Toulon

With narrow streets, Old Town is a beautiful pedestrian area that features small squares and many fountains. The highlight of Old Town is the Toulon Cathedral, but if you arrive in the morning you’ll be able to enjoy the Provencal Market as well. An effort has been made to reclaim this space, so the decline that kept many people away for the last two decades is being restored and renewed, making this city center an enjoyable time once again.

Once you’ve finished exploring the inside of Toulon, it’s time to explore the outside. Le Mourillon, which is just to the east of Toulon, has a series of man-made sandy beaches that were built for military families in the 1970’s. They’re still quite popular today and you’re invited to partake in the sunshine that loves to shine on Southern France! While there, you may also wish to take a walk through the local botanical gardens.

Are You Ready To Visit Toulon?

With so much to see and do, a trip to Toulon is worthwhile no matter how much time you may have available to get away! From the extensive look at history that town provides to the emphasis on art or even if you just want to sit on a beach, this military community is ready to welcome you with arms open wide. Are you ready to accept their invitation?

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