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Located in Northern Germany, right on the shores of the Stelasund, which is a bay of the Baltic Sea, Stralsund offers visitors the classic European experience for visitors.

It’s the gateway to the Island of Rugen, which means you’ve got access to all of the natural wonders there with a visit to this city as well. The climate is rather temperate, it receives very little rain compared with some of its neighbors, and it’s Old Town is spectacular enough that it has earned a World Heritage status. What does that mean for you?

That Stralsund is a wonderful place for you to take your next holiday. If your plans have you headed here in the near future, then here’s a glimpse of what you could expect during your stay.

Your First Stop? The Ozeaneum!

You’ll find the Ozeaneum in a bright white building that looks just a bit like a wave. It stands out in stark contrast to the red brick warehouses that surround it, so you can’t miss where you should go! Inside the building, you’ll get the chance to see a wide variety of sea life that stretches from the Baltic to the Atlantic and then up to the North Seas. One of the most impressive tanks in this facility is the one that holds thousands of herring.

For a glimpse of history in Stralsund, you’ll also want to make your way across the Neuer Markt so that you can see and explore through the Marienkirche. It’s a classic 14th century church that has a beautiful Gothic architecture, but done is red brick so it isn’t as gloomy as other European churches of a similar style. Take some time to climb the steep steps to get a sweeping view of the city up in the tower and if you get the chance, see if you can play the 17th century organ installed in the church.

While in Stralsund, you’ll also want to take at least a day to explore the Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park. It’s a coastal park that offers islands, some tiny islets, and multiple lagoons to explore. It is filled to the brim with geese and cranes in the tens of thousands, but also offers some quiet, peaceful spots for you to just enjoy nature as well.

Where Can You Find a Good Time In Stralsund?

One of the most unique spots to enjoy your holiday in Stralsund is the Tafelfreuden, which is a 19th century wooden villa that was initially built to be a summer home. It’s been converted into a restaurant with limited guest rooms that are surprisingly affordable! The wine list here is quite good and the view from the terrace is inspiring. The menu features fresh produce that is prepared in traditional ways, so you can’t go wrong with spending time here!

If you’re planning a trip to Stralsund during the off-season, then Esszimmer is also a place you’ll want to find yourself. The menu here is always changing, featuring fresh, seasonal ingredients for dishes that are native to the region. If it’s nice enough to dine outside, the experience of hearing the harbor bells while dining is truly special!

If you’re planning on a visit to Stralsund soon, then you’re definitely in for a great time! Add these ideas to your own and you’ll see why this community could also be a gateway toward a happy, restful experience.

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