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Seattle is a city that doesn’t see a lot of sunshine, but it does offer a bright and thriving cultural scene. One of your first stops must be the Waterfront District.

From there, you’ll have access to the famous Pike Place Market, the Seattle Aquarium, and shops that are more than a century old. Seafood bars dot the waterfront as well, so shout out your order to have some of the best fried salmon in the world.

Seattle has a thriving arts and music culture as well. Small venues, such as The Crocodile, Tractor Tavern, and The Triple Door, offer live music throughout the year. Before catching a show at night, consider taking the day to explore Pioneer Square and the famous Seattle underground.

The streets of Seattle are steep and can be packed with pedestrian traffic, so sometimes a trip on one of the local ferries is a fun way to get away for the day. From the Waterfront, you can visit either Bainbridge Island or Bremerton with a ferry ride that is typically less than an hour. Each city offers unique walking tours to enjoy. There’s always the chance that you might see orcas, grey whales, and sea otters while on-deck as well.

Seattle has a thriving International District which can meet any need as well. Museums, dining opportunities, and small galleries or art museums offer fun hidden gems to find that are sometimes off the beaten path that tourists take. Or visit the Cascades for fun and challenging mountain hiking opportunities.

Visit in July or August to have the best chance at sunshine.

If you want to visit coastal America, then Seattle is one of the best US cities to visit. It offers a little bit of everything.

Best sights and places of interest

Below you can find some recommendations on what to see and do in Seattle 

Museum of Flight

This is probably one of the museums that Seattle is most proud of. It is consistently voted one of, if not the best of its kind in the country. Watch in amazement as the history of flight comes to life right before your very eyes. From a tour of the original Air Force one to flight simulators of modern day jet flights this museum has a little bit to offer every kid, big and small. No matter how you feel about flying, It is almost certain that you will find this museum to be of great interest. Website

The Northwest Railway Museum

Visit the Depot, which has been fully restored to its originally splendor or take a ride on one of the trains. Whatever you fancy, your little guy’s (even your not so little guy’s) eyes will light up at the idea of riding the rails. The mission of this museum is to educate the public on the vital role that railroads have played in the development of Washington State throughout history. Website

Whale Museum

This is of particular interest if you intend to do any whale watching while you are visiting the great city of Seattle. Whale watching is always a great deal of fun and it is even more fun if you are armed with the knowledge that can be gleaned by spending a little time learning about whales at the Whale Museum before you go on your whale watching excursion. Website

Seattle Aquarium

Explore life under the sea and the many salt water and fresh water creatures that can be found in and around the Puget Sound. This will be a highlight for almost everyone. Website

The Wing Luke Asian Museum

The only museum of its kind in the U.S. This museum is devoted to preserving and promoting Asian Pacific American culture, history, and art. This museum has a permanent exhibit that is set up to remind us of the internment camps that were used for Japanese Americans during the Second World War. Website

Woodland Park Zoo

This zoo has won awards for its natural looking exhibits and delights guests with them as well. This zoo is much more than lions, tigers, and bears. This zoo has great deal to offer any family who would make a day of it. While you’re there, you might want to step over to the rose garden next door (the rose garden is free of charge but quite beautiful) and enjoy the beauty and aroma the roses present. Website

Woodland Park Rose Garden

This garden is located next to the zoo but is open to the public free of charge. The climate of Seattle is mild enough that roses seem to flourish and grow beautifully here. The rose gardens receive over 200,000 visitors each year and are a great sight to see while you are visiting Seattle.

Volunteer Park Conservatory.

This is of special interest to those who love flowers. The conservatory is divided into five houses which each provides a suitable habitat for growing very specific plants. The five houses are: Bromeliad House, which is members of the pineapple family; Palm House, which consists of about 1200 species; Fern House, which features an assortment of tropical ferns and other exotic plants; Seasonal Display House, which changes with the season and consists of many common and recognizable house plants; and Cactus House, which is rather self explanatory. The conservatory is free to the public and a great way to pass time for any flower lover in your group.

Washington Arboretum Park.

This park is actually a 200-acre arboretum that was designed by the same firm responsible for the design of Central Park in New York. The park hosts 40,000 trees, shrubs, and vines. You can pay for a tour or simply wander around and enjoy the landscape. The purpose of this park is to preserve certain species of plants while offering education to the public and anyone who wishes to learn and benefit from the knowledge that can be gained there.

Discovery Park.

This park offers stunning views and a place to contemplate the beauty of nature and the surroundings of Seattle. The park itself is 534-acres making it the largest city park in Seattle. The purpose of this park was to provide sanctuary for wildlife and a place to learn about nature for those who were interested. The park has a play area for children, picnic equipment, and trails and paths for exploration.

Pacific Science Center

From video games and laser shows to fascinating science exhibits the Pacific Science Center really is a fun place to visit. While you’re there you might want to check out the IMAX theatre and see what is playing. Among the permanent exhibits is a Dinosaur exhibit from the Mesozoic Era, a tropical butterfly house, an Insect Village, and a saltwater Tide Pool where little ones can see and touch many of the creatures that can be found in the Puget Sound. Website

Cultural highlights in Seattle

Teatro ZinZanni

If you want dinner theatre with a little bit of everything in between, then maybe you should check out Teatro ZinZanni. This is a three-hour event that is served with a five-course meal. This show seriously has a little bit of everything. From singers and dancers, to acrobats and comedians, this show is sure to dazzle the entire audience. While the show is top notch, the food cannot be described as anything other than gourmet. With a meal like this and great entertainment too, who could really ask for more from a night on the town. And you get all of this in one great place. Website

The Intiman Theatre

Here they goes for a more intimate approach when dealing with the audience. By having smaller performance space with close seating, every member of the audience is allowed a much more up close and personal view of the stage and the drama being performed. Special opportunities are created to allow audience members and patrons to have a more personal behind the scenes look at the production, even allowing some to sit in on technical rehearsals or post-play discussions. This is a great way to build a bond between the actors and the audience, particularly if the audience is made up largely of patrons or members who come to the theatre on a regular basis. Website

The Paramount

This is a different and unique theater. One of the special things about this particular theater is the phenomenal architecture. This theater has a fully automated adjustable floor that allows easy conversion from theater auditorium seating to ballroom seating. This means that those planning events here have more options available for seating guests. On the first Saturday of every month the Seattle Theatre Group gives public tours of the theatre, which allows the public to get a behind the scenes look at how this great theatre operates these tours are free. Another really cool thing about this particular theatre is Silent Movie Mondays. On Monday nights you can see different silent movies playing throughout the year. Website

Comedy Underground Club

With locations in both Seattle and Tacoma you can pretty much take your pick between whichever one has the comedian you are most interested in seeing perform. The clubs actually have a fairly impressive menu and you are allowed to eat during the show. Just make sure that your food doesn’t smell too good or the comedian might heckle you. The really good news is that Comedy Underground is open 7 nights a week with several open mic nights when you can see local talent. Those are often the most interesting to watch. Tickets can be purchased for reasonable prices; especially during open mic nights and the performances are a lot of fun to watch. This is a great way to spend an evening and bring a date. Website

Jet City Improv

The Jet City Improv has grown and expanded over time and is now one of the most popular theatre experiences in the Seattle area. One of the great things about these shows is that they are suitable for all ages. So this is a more family friendly environment than most other comedy clubs in the area. The entire show is improvised nightly based on audience participation and suggestions. This is one of the most hilarious theatre experiences you can possibly imagine. And the more you can imagine the funnier it will get. Website

Fremont, a colorful community in Seattle

Fremont is a colorful, artistic community in Seattle, Washington. It’s located along the ship canal, just north of the Queen Anne Hill. You’ll enjoy browsing for vintage clothing, collectibles, antiques, and more, in the many shops and stores throughout this neighborhood. In the summer, you’ll want to check out the outdoor cinema, where you’ll see mainstream favorites, indie films, and cult classics.

Aurora Bridge.

Lurking under the bridge, you’ll find the Fremont Troll, about to devour a Volkswagen. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to have your picture taken with the troll while you’re there. Don’t worry, he eats cars, not people. If you’re in town on October 31st, you can participate in “Trollaween”, a party and parade that starts under the bridge, and then moves on to other funky art sites and events in the neighborhood.

Lenin – Back In The USA

A statue of Lenin stands in the Fremont neighborhood, brought back to the United States by a teacher, Lewis Carpenter, who was living in Slovakia at the time of the 1989 revolution. The statue was originally installed in Slovakia in 1988. After the revolution, Carpenter brought the statue back to his home in Issaquah, before it was moved to Fremont.

Waiting For The Interurban

An interactive sculpture in Fremont. It depicts five people and a dog under a shelter, waiting for a bus that never comes. This sculpture was created in 1979, by sculptor Richard Beyer, and has been subject to many “art attacks” since then. People come to dress the statues up to celebrate birthdays, weddings, and other events, or to make a political statement.

Join The Parade

The Solstice Parade is an event that takes place every year, on the Saturday closest to the Summer Solstice. Anyone who wishes to participate in the parade is welcome to do so. You’ll find many examples of art and creativity in the parade… floats, dancers, bodypainting, and more. The parade is a demonstration of creativity, art, and community, and is an event that shouldn’t be missed.

+ Information

City Pass Offers Great Price for Popular Attractions

If you’re planning a visit to Seattle Washington and will be spending a few days in town, you might seriously consider purchasing a city pass. This pass will allow you to experience several of the more popular attractions this great city has to offer at a fraction of their regular prices. It will also allow you daytime (6 am through 7 pm daily) transportation through the cities Metro system. This pass is good for nine days from its first use and provides you with several options for activities during your stay. Purchasing a city pass is probably a wise investment, even if you don’t visit all of the attractions, you can save money by visiting a few.


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