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Wroclaw Travel Wiki Travel to Wroclaw Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Wroclaw Wroclaw is the largest city in Western Poland and is a bastion of Polish culture. If you have ever visited the Polish quarters within the city of Chicago, you've gotten just a taste of what you'll experience with a visit to Wroclaw. First recorded as a city in the year 1000, Wroclaw has been subject to...

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Experience the effects of the changing tides of history in Wroclaw for your next vacation. This capital of the Silesian region has been a part of Bohemia, the Austrian Empire, and the German Kingdom, and you can see their lasting influence present throughout Wroclaw. Spend your days in the city’s older attraction, such as the Szczytnicki Park, the Wroclaw Zoo, and the Church of St. Giles. All of these attractions exhibit the beauty of these cultures in one place in Poland. Lucky ducks can catch a basketball, weightlifting, or volleyball tourney on arrival. For alluring culture and offbeat fun, visit Wroclaw.

Wroclaw has been around since the 10th century and many of the neighborhoods have been too. Be right in the middle of history and stay at Stare Miasto, Kryzki, or Borek. These neighborhoods have many shops, buildings, roads, and accommodations that began in the medieval ages and continue to exist today. Wroclaw also has many cute smaller areas that are wonderful places to stay. Charm your loved ones with the quaint neighborhoods of Karlowice and Nowy Dwor. To be in the center of it all, stay in the central market square of Rynek.

Wroclaw is a city that loves to celebrate. From the founding of its buildings to the folk festivals they promote, celebrations are a key part of Wroclaw’s culture.

Create your own celebrations at Rynek, the main market square of Wroclaw. Rynek is a large medieval market that used to have salt and chicken sections. It is still a huge marketplace but is now popular for its nightclubs and pubs.

Many of Wroclaw’s attractions were founded on celebrations. Its famous Centennial hall is a UNESCO site that was unveiled as part of a hundred year anniversary celebration of the victorious Battle of Leipzig. The Multimedia Foundation near the hall has a fountain with a neon light show and coordinated water displays, which are fun to watch. Visitors can learn more about Wroclaw and its celebrations at the Wroclaw Palace and City Museum. Wander around Wroclaw and discover the local gatherings and the fun spirit of the people. Its architecture, people, and entertainment options are great for all visitors.

Scatter your tours of Wroclaw’s amazing architecture to take part in some of their fun activities. Get a strike at one of the many bowling alleys. Show your skills at pool at the billiard lounges. Race your way to glory on the go-kart tracks and ropes courses. Experience the Oder River from the boat cruises. Bring your young ones to the Aquapark Wroclaw or to the 5D cinema at Magnolia Park.

Top off your Wroclaw vacation by peering at Stodowa Island from the Wroclaw University’s Mathematician’s Tower. Then load up on delicious Polish food at any of the restaurants nearby. Your kids will love pierogies, which are dough dumplings filled with potatoes or meats for a main dish or filled with fruits for dessert. Of course, no trip to Poland is complete with a taste of borscht, a beetroot soup that is popular in Central Europe.


Discover Wroclaw in 4K Video

Best sights in Wroclaw, Poland Discover the best sights in 4K video There is a lot of travel related videos made by people who loves to travel and to produce videos and films about their discoveries and stories. We find the best travel videos that will show you the best sights of the city in HD and 4K videos. So sit back and relax enjoying the video and get inspiration for your next travel to some of the worlds exiting cities. It’s a...

Emergency Numbers Poland, Police, Fire And Rescue

Landline or public phone 999 – Ambulance 998 – Fire Brigade 997 – Police 986 – Municipal Wardens Mobile phone 112 - all services Mountain rescue service (GOPR) + 48 601 100 300 Water rescue service (WOPR) +48 601 100 100 Emergency Tourist Helpline (open all-year 08:00-18:00 except Jun - Sep 08:00 - 20:00). +48 22 278 77 77 +48 608 599 999

Enter Poland, Documents, Visa & Passport

Since December 21, 2007, Poland is part of the Schengen Area, a zone without controls on internal borders which comprises of 28 countries. Third-country nationals may enter Poland if they are in possession of a valid travel document and a visa (if required). Council Regulation (EC) No 539/2001 includes the lists of third countries whose nationals must possess valid visas to cross external borders, and of countries whose nationals are exempt from this obligation. EU, EEA and Swiss citizens do not require a visa. Schengen...

Find free WiFi in Wroclaw

Free WiFi net. Here you can share your knowledge of free hotspots in the free WiFi forum. Find free public WiFi network and shops, cafés and restaurants offering WiFi for free. Do you know where there is a free hotspot and would like to share this with others, then you can write the name and adress in the disqus form below.

Food Poland, Local Dishes

Poland has an interesting local kitchen. Below you can see some of the local dishes you maybe would like to try during a vacation. One of the things you should try when travelling around the world is absolutely the local food. Generally you should be able to eat exactly the same as the locals - off course, if the streets are littered with dead bodies, then maybe it is worth to think twice before ordering some local food. Traditional dishes could...


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