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Split Travel Wiki Travel to Split Split, Croatia, is situated in the Mediterranian basin on the Adriatic Sea. Covering a central peninsula, it was initially founded by the Greek in the 6th century BC. Diocletion, one of the later emperor’s of Rome, built a palace on the city’s location in the early 4th century and that palace still exists to this day. Initially meant for his retirement, the Romans abandoned it as their empire began to crumble. Having been occupied since the early 7th century,...

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According to popular legend, it snows in Split only once every thirty years, so expect to be spending most of your vacation here in the sun. This incredible Mediterranean locale is famous for many things: its pristine beaches, its city center built up from Roman ruins and its passion for sports. The Emperor Diocletian loved the juxtaposition of lush pine forests and golden sands so much he built a palace for himself here 1300 years ago, and it’s been a beloved destination ever since. On your own personal Split vacation, you’ll be sure you find out why it’s been a top hotspot for millennia.

Since most people come on a Split vacation looking to spend the maximum amount of time on the beaches, there are plenty of accommodations options located right on the shore. If you’re looking for a romantic retreat filled with beach sunsets every night, you can stay in a luxury villa right on the Mediterranean. If you’d rather stay close to the hustle and bustle of the city, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from right in the historic center as well. It’s not often you can say you slept ensconced within the walls a Roman palace, so you might want to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

If the idea of a city on the Mediterranean coast built on the ruins of a Roman emperor’s palace isn’t enough to entice you into taking a Split vacation don’t worry; this fantastic Croatian city has much more to offer.

The gorgeous beaches are the area’s most popular attraction, but even these offer more than just sun and sand. You can stroll down the boardwalk at Bacvice Beach and enjoy a delicious afternoon coffee or gelato. This area is a favorite among the locals, and you can watch them play the traditional ball game picigin in the shallow water. Bene Beach at the foot of the famous Marjan Hill offers a unique seaside experience. Vehicles are prohibited from this pine forest beach, which only adds to the atmosphere of tranquility.

Marjan itself is definitely worth a hike when you need a break from the sand. This peaceful pine forest has offered Split’s citizens a natural retreat since the 3rd century when the emperor Diocletian designated it as a small park. Today it is home to numerous trails, some tennis courts and the city zoo, all nestled in the serene woods. From the peak you will have a fantastic view of the entire city, as well as the surrounding islands and mountains.

Make sure you allot enough time to explore the city itself; with its centuries of history and vibrant culture there is plenty to discover. It’s impossible not to visit Diocletian’s ancient palace, since it is the foundation of Split’s historic center. You’ll be able to admire its gates and buildings just by wandering through the area, but if you want to learn more you can take a guided tour or visit the Archaeological Museum.

While you’re in the city try and go to see the famous Hadjuk soccer team play in their home stadium cheered on by their devoted fans. Sports are revered in Split, and the stadium is the second largest in the country.

Croatia Holidays

Croatia Public Holidays See the calendars for national Croatia holidays year by year. Find and just click on the year you for which you need more information about Croatia holidays, and the calendar for the year will open. When is the non working days for the year. Public / national days, see the calendar for the country here.

Discover Split in 4K Video

Best sights in Split, Croatia Discover the best sights in 4K video There is a lot of travel related videos made by people who loves to travel and to produce videos and films about their discoveries and stories. We find the best travel videos that will show you the best sights of the city in HD and 4K videos. So sit back and relax enjoying the video and get inspiration for your next travel to some of the worlds exiting cities. Did You...

Find cheapest travel to Split

Find cheapest travels to Split and Croatia in search engine. Easysearch - search 700+ airlines including low cost airlines like Ryanair, EasyJet, Norwegian and Wizzair and actual search engines for the best offer. Below you can find search engines that will find you the cheapest travels in a few clicks. The search engine scans for the, time being, cheapest tickets. Find good offers for Hotel or apartment in Split and Croatia Switch to "hotels" for "all in one" search on the, for the time...

Money Croatia, Local Currency, Kuna

Money in Croatia (notes and coins) Croatias legal tender is called Kuna (HRK). 1 Kuna = 100 Lipa. Coins in circulation: 1, 2 and 5 Kuna 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 lipa coins Notes in circulation: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 Kuna notes. Croatian National Bank - HNB

National Tourist Information Croatia

Traveladvisor in Croatia: Are you going on a vacation you can get lots of free and professional help, traveladvice and information from the National Tourism Organisation. Discover the country and the cities getting the most out of your vacation with the professional help from the people who knows their country and their culture the best. Croatia Tourism Authority PO BOX 2651 NY 10108 New York WEBSITE FACEBOOK TWITTER YOUTUBE GOOGLE+ About Croatia From the lusciously green island of Hvar to the brilliantly, blue Dalmatian Coast - Croatia is a natural...


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