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Sacramento Travel Wiki Travel to Sacramento Sacramento is arguably the most historic city that can be found in California. You’ll find several beautiful parks to explore, numerous landmarks to enjoy, and other points of interest that can make for an exciting and memorable holiday destination. The city serves as the capital of the state, so the Capitol building makes for a fascinating tour. Public guided tours are offered frequently most weekdays, allowing you to see the where the legislature works and the...

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The excitement of the Old West and the California Gold Rush still lives on today in the state capital of Sacramento. Bring family and friends on a timeless vacation to a place once bathed in hopes, dreams, and gold dust. Sacramento’s history is deeply rooted in the mass migration west by countless individuals hoping to make their fortune in the gold-covered hills of California. The city offers many opportunities to explore this facet of its history as well as partake in a variety of other activities closely tied its most glorious moments in history.

Discovery awaits you no matter where you stay on your vacation to Sacramento. A stay near Old Sacramento will put you within reach of twenty-eight acres of Sacramento’s historic waterfront where a number of California’s historic achievements were made. Surrounding the state capitol, a wide array of museums can help shed light on the history you will see around you. Outside the city lie numerous places for fun and recreation such as Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and the Jelly Belly Visitor Center.

Great fun for kids and family alike, a vacation to Sacramento will prove to be an enlightening and fulfilling experience. Many great attractions in the area cater toward children while adults can appreciate Sacramento’s artistic and lively western city culture. Fine dining, fascinating sights, and invaluable knowledge about the city’s role in the nation’s history are just a few rewards to name that you will receive on your vacation to Sacramento.

For a close encounter with some of California’s wildlife as well as exotic animals, the Sacramento Zoo has you covered. Great entertainment for both adults and children, the Sacramento Zoo features over one hundred and forty native, exotic and endangered species. Giraffes, tigers, bears and everything in between make their home at the Sacramento Zoo, awaiting your arrival.

History comes back to life in Old Sacramento. Walk among the relics of the city’s extraordinary past and relive the days of the California Gold Rush. An entire spectrum of events and festivals are held in this small district of downtown Sacramento to celebrate the days of the Old West and the wealth the city enjoyed during Gold Rush. To compliment a visit to Old Sacramento, check out the many museums that lay spread throughout the city and enrich your mind with the knowledge of California’s origins and early history both before and after it became the thirty-first state of the United States of America.

Sacramento has much to offer both inside and outside its bustling city. As the state capital, the city takes pride in its important role in many national achievements as well as its significance in the mass westward migration during the California Gold Rush. Take part in an age-old tradition and head to the American Wild West yourself and see why it was that so many people before you chose to make this place their destination for adventure, wealth, and discovery.


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