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When it comes to the classic images of Greece, nothing speaks to the visions of the mind more than what Santorini is able to provide.

Located along the Aegean Sea, the community of Oia has to be one of the most photographed places in the entire world.

With a history that dates back nearly 4,000 years, volcanic eruptions that have created numerous stories of civilizations lost and found, and even rumors that this island is the lost continent of Atlantis, Santorini’s beauty beckons visitors throughout the year.

Are you planning a visit to this incredible island in the near future? Here are some of the essentials to consider adding to your agenda the next time you find yourself with two feet firmly planted in the warm sands of this Greek Isle.

Ancient Ruins Are Just the Start of Your Journey

One of the most fascinating places in all of Santorini is the Ruins of Thira. For a very reasonable fee, you’ll get the chance to walk down the main street of this ancient island community and explore a conglomeration of ruins that is rare to find all in one place. There are Roman baths located here, as well as ancient mosaic houses, and you can even stroll through an ancient marketplace as you gaze out into the shimmering blue waters of the Aegean.

If you love to explore ancient civilizations, you’ll also want to make sure you take some time to explore Akrotiri. Instead of the tragedies of other volcanic eruptions that have left reminders of people trapped, with nowhere to go, this site has instead preserved the civilizations through the eruption so that you can see their amazing artwork on display. The Museum of Historic Theta has the remainder of the cultural pieces that were found in Akrotiri, so be sure to visit there as well to get the full experience.

Why Not Enjoy the Beach While On the Island?

Santorini is a place where the sun shines freely and the beaches are expansive, so a visit to Perissa Beach just makes sense. It is considered by many visitors as one of the best beaches in the world and you’ll see why once you get there. Steep cliffs meet the sea in a stunning way, yet the waves don’t come to a crescendo as they approach. You simply have warm sand, cool drinks, and just the right amount of shade to cover you on a chair, lounge, or bed for you to enjoy the environment.

The beach is going to be quite busy, so if you’re looking for a place of peaceful tranquility while still being able to enjoy an incredible view, our recommendation is the Monastery of Profitis Ilias. You can’t miss it because it’s on the highest point of the island and as an added bonus, the staff of the location will gladly tell you stories about the days gone by. There are gardens to explore around the monastery as well, but don’t be surprised if you’re refused entry into the building itself.

With beautiful vistas, incredible seafood, and lots of exploration opportunities to enjoy on every visit, Santorini is a paradise that is beyond comprehension if you’ve never seen it for yourself. Plan your holiday away with these essentials and you’ll crave the opportunity to return again and again to the whitewashed walls of this Greek Isle.

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