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This deep water port might be known as a ferry destination, but Roscoff is much more than just a place to get through to your destination.

This small town of character offers a number of beautiful vistas to enjoy with the hospitality that only a small community can provide. Here is what you can expect to find during your stay here.

Take a launch over to Enez Vaz.

This small island is inhabited full-time, but fewer than 600 people call it their home. There’s a lighthouse to find and the Georges Delaselle botanical gardens are open every day except Tuesdays. You’ll have to pay an admission fee, but there are numerous walking trails and many southern hemisphere plants to enjoy. A Bronze Age necropolis is also on the grounds. There’s also a botanical garden in Roscoff to enjoy as well.

Stop by the local parish church.

It dates back to the 16th century and offers a glimpse of Gothic and Renaissance architectural components. The beautifully unique layout will give you plenty of opportunity to explore the grounds and the interior to see its many treasures.

The house known as Mary, Queen of Scots.

It’s been said that Mary, Queen of Scots left her home in Scotland and settled in France. The home that hosted her while she was in Roscoff was actually built more than a decade after she left, but the Mary Stuart houses are still a nice thing to see.

Roscoff offers a chance to explore local art with several commercial galleries available. It’s also the chance to get out and relax in your own unique way, whether you’re waiting for a ferry or not. Grab a coffee, get a beer, and enjoy the views.

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