Lingua: Danish

In 1944, Nazi Germany raided Putten and removed almost the entire population of men. More than 600 men were taken to various concentration camps.

Only 48 came back after the war. Surrounded by farmland, this small community dates back to 855 and agriculture has always been a point of emphasis. The service industry has grown around this culture to provide visitors with a unique experience. Here’s what you can expect.

Ring Lake offers visitors a nice beach.

Can the beach in Putten compare with a coastal beach? Not really. Is it a nice place to relax when you’ve got some time to kill when you’re visiting this community? Absolutely. Occasional community events are also held on the beach for some added flavor. Remember to pack your suntan lotion!

Visit the Lady of Putten Memorial.

The total number of documented deaths from the Nazi raid is 552. Their sacrifices are noted in the memorial gardens that are expansive, quiet, and reverent. 13 men jumped out of the train on its way to the concentration camps. What happened to them we may never officially know, but they’re courage is also on display here.

Wander through the Wednesday market.

A food and produce market is held every Wednesday in Putten and its the largest in the region. Although you can always find international brands here and there at the market, there are a lot of locally grown options available as well.

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Gelderland, then Putten makes for the perfect base of operations. It has a certain significance in the world’s history and it will certainly have significance for you as well should plan a visit here.

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