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Home to the only underground tunnel in Greece that goes under the sea, Preveza is connected to the Acarnania region and is located right at the mouth of the Ambracian Gulf.

It’s a beautiful community that has river canyons to explore, easy access to the ancient city of Nicopolis, and plenty of historical piece of art and architecture to explore. From the past to the future, Preveza has the ability to meet your needs in a unique and brilliant way!

If you have never experienced the wonders of this community before, then now is the time to plan a trip to see Preveza for yourself. Here are some of the essentials to consider including on your visit to this one-of-a-kind community!

A Journey to Ancient Nicopolis Will Change Your Life

Is it really possible for a set of ruins to fundamentally change you at a core level? It is when you’re considering the ancient city of Nicopolis. This city was founded by Octavian when he defeated Antony and Cleopatra, which is why the city was given the name “City of Victory.” It was a symbol of Octavian’s success to unify the Roman Empire under his administration. The city is often a pilgrimage for Christians because the Apostle Paul spent a winter in this city.

As you’re exploring the ruins in the area, a visit to Ancient Cassope should also be included on the agenda. It’s not as built up today as the Nicopolis ruins are, nor are they as well preserved, but it is one of the best examples of a city that was plotted out by the Greek architect Hippodamus. The site is extensive in size and includes a hotel and a theater. You can still even walk down some of the ancient streets, though they are now lined with grass.

A Trip To Monolithi Beach Is Perfect on a Beautiful Day

A wide strip of white sands adorns azure waters in a small half-moon bay at Monolithi Beach, making it the perfect place to relax during a beautiful Preveza day. The sand is a little more primitive and course than at other beaches, but it still has plenty of potential for relaxation – especially when the tide is out. The waves aren’t as gentle as at other beaches, but that’s part of the fun! There are some facilities on the beach to enjoy as well and on a clear day, the mountain peaks in the distance pose for a remarkable photo op!

Monolithi Forest is part of the attraction to this area and shouldn’t be ignored. Grab some comfortable shoes either before or after you hit the beach and take a stroll down some of the hiking paths that are available. The trails are very easy to navigate with inclines literally non-existent, which means the entire family can enjoy a little time with nature during your visit to Preveza.

Are you ready to visit this incredible Greek community in the near future? The essentials of Preveza are just the start of a fantastic journey that could change your life. Get your trip planned soon so that you can experience it all for yourself!

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