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Located on Sardinia, Olbia is often thought of as a resort community thanks to the brilliant sunshine, consistently warm weather, and beautiful beaches that are just a way of life here.

This city has been around since Roman times on this Italian island, however, and so there are plenty of opportunities to get out and explore as you wish as well. There are ruins in the community that date back even to Phoenician times, which means you can get in touch with history as you work to release the stress that may be dominating your life.

Here are the essentials that any visit to Olbia should include.

Why Not Explore the Piazza Regina Margherita For a Day?

Olbia might not be the prettiest city on the face of the planet. It might not hold the same level of charm that other ancient port cities do because of its focus on industry. What it does have, however, is a charm all its own and that is on full display when you visit the Piazza Regina Margherita. It’s a place that is always filled with activity and is a great place to shop, enjoy some coffee, and even get a fantastic bite to eat.

For some of the best food in Olbia, however, you’ll need to make your way down to the beach to dine at La Spigola. You’ll experience grilled fish caught fresh, so the mild flavors of the grill combine with the classic Sardinian spices for a wonderful dining experience. Enhance the time you have here by getting a table on the terrace and you’ll be able to enjoy an incredible view of the Mediterranean Sea.

What Else Does Olbia Have to Offer?

If you happen to be out by the port, then you’ll likely notice the Capo Figaro that rise up right behind it. This area is a nature reserve and there are numerous trails that will let you get out and explore the typical scrub you’ll find on Mediterranean islands. If that isn’t appealing enough, one of the trails does lead up to an abandoned lighthouse that is somewhat famous in Italy because it was the location of the first radio signal that was broadcast to the Italian mainland.

If the indoors is more appealing to you, then the local archaeological museum has plenty of artifacts to offer. It’s also located near the port and offers artifacts that date back to the Roman era. You’ll find pottery and amulets on display, but the most fascinating component of the museum is the relic of a Roman vessel that was found in the old port.

If you’re up for a religious site, the Chiesa di San Simplicio is an 11th century Romanesque church made of granite. You’ll see some Lombardian influences in the architecture of the building, as well as some Tuscan styles as well. There are some 13th century frescoes on display that depict medieval bishops, but the site is as the name implies – a bit simple.

What could Olbia offer you when you visit? The only way to find out is to plan your holiday away in this city soon! With these essentials added to your visit, the essential Olbia will help you find the perfect way to enjoy your time on Sardinia. Get your trip planned today!

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