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Niue Travel Wiki

Easy travel guide
Find general travel information, guides and “good to know”. Find the cheapest flights and best hotels offers in one click multi search engine - just click a city and discover the best of the country.

Travel to Niue

Niue is a small island located in the South Pacific. Given the nickname of “The Rock,” it has about 260 square kilometers to explore. It is a self-governing state, though islanders are granted citizenship from New Zealand. Niue is an island with unique goals. It became the first country to provide state-funded wireless internet in 2003 and wants to become the first fully organic country in the future years.

Its location can be somewhat challenging. In winter, Niue is 23 hours behind the mainland of New Zealand. In the summer, it is one full day behind. Book your trip carefully to ensure the correct travel times occur.

The island itself has many natural wonders to find during your holiday. The limestone arches and caves are quite impressive. Look for “sea tracks” around the island that take you from the main road to the coast. Seeing what lies at the end of each track can be a whole lot of fun. Be sure to reserve time for the Liku Sea Track and Cave, as well as the Talava Arches and Avaiki Cave.

The latter offers a stunning sunset swimming option that you’ll want to enjoy at least once. During low tide, there are good reef walking opportunities as well. Diving and snorkeling are excellent on Niue as well. Anapala Chasm, as part of Hakupu Heritage Park, features a sharp descent into fresh spring water. Matapa Chasm is another great diving opportunity as it guarded by cliffs that are 10m in height.

Niue offers many natural wonders to see and there are several activities available to visitors throughout the year. Make time to visit this small island and you will find it to be an incredible experience.

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Alofi, capital of Niue

Alofi Travel Wiki Travel to Alofi Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Alofi Alofi serves as the capital for the small island nation of Niue. Located within the realm of New Zealand, the total population is less than 1,000 people. The structure of the capital has created two villages. One hosts the headquarters for the government, while the other serves as the residential and commercial center for the island. Niue...

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