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What makes the region of the Middle East so unique is that it encompasses three continents. Much of this region is located in Asia, but thanks to Turkey, Europe is also included.

The Middle East also includes Egypt, so Africa is included. That has made this region a crossroads of cultures since the beginning of recorded time.

The climate of the Middle East is best described as being arid and hot. Coastal regions see many days of sunshine each year, creating the perfect foundation for seaside resorts. The region is also supplied by several major rivers, allowing for irrigation support so agricultural efforts can thrive, despite the challenging climate.

What makes the Middle East a challenging region to visit is its high emphasis on religion and politics. Governments forbid access to certain cities within this region unless you have a specific religious or political designation. Some cities are even divided because of the various spiritual and political cultures that are present.

Despite those challenges, however, the Middle East is a beautiful and rewarding region that has much to offer. Mountains offer climbs to their summits for the incredible views that are offered. Cities offer historical artifacts and ancient structures to see. The coastline offers cool waters, warm sands, and quiet moments of peace.

The nations of the Middle East may have specific travel requirements that must be met, but in doing so, the reward of a great adventure lies in wait. Are you ready to see what this regional destination can offer?

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