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Stretching high up into the sky, one of the first memorable sights during a visit to Mariehamn is the Pommern.

Pommern is a museum ship that is anchored in one of the two harbors that this community has.

It’s an old windjammer and is one of the famous 4-masted sailing ships that were part of the F. Laeisz shipping company based out of Germany. She was used to carry grain in World War II and contains pictures of what life is like while at sea.

That’s just the start of your Mariehamn adventure… are you ready to see what else this incredible community has waiting for you?

Kastelholm Castle Beckons Majestically

Even though this community is home to just over 10k people, one of the great medieval castles in all of Finland is located just a short drive away. The Kastelholm Castle is actually built by Swedish hands and it overlooks a fjord that’s just to the south of this small community. It’s only one of five surviving medieval fortresses in the country, built in the 14th century, and it was originally out on an island of its own.

The marine heritage in this community is strong and that is never more evident when you visit the Sjöfartsmuseum, which is right down the road from the Pommern. The museum is designed to look like the prow of a ship, cutting through the land. There are many preserved boats that make up many of the museum’s exhibits, including many figureheads that once graced many of the great sailing ships of days gone by. The central part of the museum is a recreated ship unto itself – make sure to enjoy the saloon!

The Highlight of a Mariehamn Holiday? The Cuisine!

There are more than a dozen excellent restaurants in Mariehamn, so you won’t be lacking in options when you’re hungry for a good meal. One of the best and our highest recommendation goes out to Indigo, which offers modern takes on the traditional cuisine of the area. Just the thought of having a grilled swordfish, just lightly seasoned so you can enjoy the lightness of the fresh catch, gently accentuated with a sweet potato mash is enough to make the mouth water!

If you’re looking for more of the cafe experience, then we recommend heading over to Bagarstugan. It’s a quaint, cozy little tearoom that has a spattering of little pink geraniums here and there for ambience. The homemade soups will quickly warm you up on a chilly Mariehamn day, while you can always pick up a great quiche, pie, or salad depending on your mood. The cakes that are baked here are some of the best in the world, so be sure to take one with you before you leave!

Are you ready to explore Mariehamn? This small community is a beautiful place to enjoy your next holiday. Plan your next trip with these essentials and you’ll have one of the most unique experiences of your life.

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