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Mainz, or maybe Mentz if you’re old enough, has its foundations as an old Roman fort city that formed the northern frontiers of the Roman Empire when it was at its greatest expansion.

It’s also home to one of the world’s most important modern inventions, the movable type printing press. The first books that were produced by Gutenberg with this invention were printed here. The 50th latitude stretches through the city and is marked so visitors can walk along it if they so wish, a fun way to spend an afternoon in this city.

Mainz has plenty of additional offerings to provide visitors who choose to visit the city when they’ve got some free time. Here are some of the highlights that any trip here should include.

Any Visit Should Include This One Site

Built in the 12th century, the Dom St. Martin is a world famous cathedral that calls Mainz home. It was built using the deep red sandstones that dominate the region and you can’t miss the Romanesque spires that stand proudly up against the skyline. The interior of the religious site contains the murals, frescoes, and other artwork that many ancient cathedrals tend to hold. Take some time to enjoy the quiet, enjoy the craftsmanship, and be prepared for a large crowd.

The history of Mainz is also on display for visitors to consider at the Gutenberg Museum. Although the Bibles that Gutenberg printed are arguably the most famous books he printed, there were a number of publications that came off his press. You’ll find the museum right near the banks of the Rhine and you’ll get to see three of the original books that Gutenberg created. If you’re up for it, you can set the type on your own press to try out a replica of the invention.

If you have an evening to fill, then take a moment to see what the lineup happens to be at KuZ. This concert venue features international bands, doubles as a cultural center, and there’s even a kid’s theater included as well. Dance parties are frequent.

There Are Two Fantastic Dining Options in Mainz

If you need to choose just one place for dining in Mainz, then choose Weinstube Hottum. It looks a little plain from the outside, but don’t let that fool you. This small, 8 table wine tavern offers a traditional menu with regional dishes and slate tables that will transport you back into time and make you feel like you’re enjoy a meal in a rural country home. Plan ahead to get in because the tables get taken quickly.

Zur Kanzel provides more of a traditional experience and is best described as being an upmarket restaurant than a fine dining experience. The French wine list is fantastic and regional cuisine is the focus of the menu. The light herb sauce that the kitchen produces will make any flight to Mainz seem longer just from sheer anticipation.

Mainz offers visitors a unique experience that will help them enjoy a down-to-earth time away from the rigors of daily life. Steeped in history and stunningly beautiful, this city is one that tempts you to put down your own roots within the borders. Visit this city at your own risk!

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