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Why should people visit Lubeck? Known as the first western city on the Baltic coast, Lubeck is a city that exudes intellect and beauty.

Filled with gothic, baroque, and neo-classical buildings, Old Town Lubeck has been a protected World Heritage site for almost 30 years. Filled with several historical attractions, you’ll get a wonderful medieval flavor to your senses as you wander and explore. With a focus on justice and prosperity, you’ll want to make sure you grab some local marzipan while you’re visiting.

Be Sure to Visit the Sea

As you are enjoying your marzipan, make your way out to the sea to spend a day. At Travemunde, you’ll be able to rent a small cabana, enjoy the sand, and stroll in the chilly Baltic if you want. There’s a play area for the kids that is cordoned off and safe, while businesses, shops, and restaurants are within an easy stroll from the shoreline. Tall ships are often moored in the local harbor too, giving you the chance to explore what life would be like at sea. You’ll be able to find several hidden gems as you wander around Travemunde!

The Many Small Museums of Lubeck

Lubeck may not have much in the way of huge museums that draw in large crowds because of spectacular displays, but it does have several unique small museums that are worth finding to explore. One of the best is the Puppet Theater Museum. Puppet theater has long been an enjoyable art that kids love and this museum has props, puppets, and equipment that date back 300 years. With nearly 30,000 exhibits on display at any one time, you’ll find this museum to be fun and fascinating, with an incredible insight into many different cultures.

A National Historic Treasure

The famous landmark of Lubeck is Holstentor, which is often referred to as the “Gate Into Lubeck.” Why? Because it stands majestically in the middle of the road, creating a large median that is developed into parks and gardens. Exhibits inside Holstentor show how the city of Lubeck used to appear and how Holstentor was part of the original walls of the city. Hanging ships are on display as a means of showing how ships used to travel the Baltic as well. All in all, it’s a fun trip to experience if you happen to be in Lubeck.

Are You Ready to Visit Lubeck?

Lubeck has everything someone would want: beaches, great restaurants, unique shops, and plenty of cultural options that can you explore as you relax. You might say that Lubeck allows you to take a holiday away from your holiday! Spend a day in Old Town Lubeck, explore the other fantastic historical sites, and make sure you have a beer in a local pub. Why should people visit Lubeck? Because you’ll have lots of fun!

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