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This small community sits on an inlet of the Baltic Sea in the northernmost reaches of Germany. It is dominated by shoreline and castles to explore.

A visit to the Glucksburg Castle will provide you with a nice view of the community. Situated on a lake, the accompanying gardens are beautiful to enjoy during a sunny day. You can bring your own lunch or enjoy the restaurant that is in the castle. Numerous artifacts and treasures that have links to the royal families of Europe can be found within its walls.

If you’re wanting to enjoy some time at the beach, then the Langballigau is where you’re going to want to be. The beach is clean and there are chair rentals available if you don’t want to just find a spot on the sand. It’s the perfect place for a long walk on the beach, followed up by your personal favorite of a variety of restaurants. There is also a playground available for the kids if they get bored with just sitting around.

The Power Park in Glucksburg is an interesting experience for those who are interested in power generation. There are hands-on activities that are family-friendly, with more than 30 stations in total to explore. It’s an expo that is starting to show its age, but is still something that can be fun for everyone.

Glucksburg might be a small town that is more of a stopover than an intended destination, but it still has a charm all its own. Get out to explore and you will enjoy the hospitality that is freely offered.

Glücksburg A - Z



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