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With eight miles of beautifully groomed beaches and an incredible Moorish castle, this city is a dream destination for anyone looking to get away from life for awhile and enjoy the sun, the sand, and the water.

Located on the Coasta del Sol and situated on the Mediterranean Sea, Fuengirola has long been a strategic location that have settlements dating back to Phoenician settlers. This allows people who love to explore as a means of relaxation to have a good time as well. With excellent dining options, entertainment choices, and full service hotels that can help you relax in style, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Fuengirola this year.

Enjoy a Different Zoo Experience

Though the Fuengirola Zoo isn’t the largest zoo you may ever go see, it might be one of the more unique ones around. Located near downtown and an easy walk from several locations, you won’t find large bars separating you from the animals in this facility. Large glass panels are used as a barrier instead, allowing for a more in-depth experience when encountering the animals. Combine that with the many trees, shrubs, and other landscaping features in this recently renovated beauty and you may just find the piece of tranquility you’ve been wanting.

Catch a Show At the Salon Varieties Theatre

Fuengirola is home to the only English speaking theatre in Spain. If you utilize that language primarily and don’t want to go to the cinema and read subtitles, a show at the Salon Varieties could be just the thing to go see. Seating 300 people comfortably, the theatre itself has professional grade equipment to give you a big theatre experience. Many of the performers work for free as a means of being able to break into the acting business, though some working performers frequent the theatre as well. With a wide variety of shows throughout the year, chances are you’ll catch a wonderful performance while in the city.

See the Symbol of the City

The Castle of Sohail for many years was occupied by Christians who had conquered the area in the late 15th century. After the War of Independence, where 200 Polish soldiers where notably able to drive away a force of 3,000 defenders, the castle was sold to private holders and left to decline for 150 years. With recent renovations within the last decade bringing this Moorish castle back up to date, it has become a symbol of Fuengirola. Make sure to bring your camera – the vistas are spectacular!

Are You Ready to Visit Fuengirola?

With cultural events throughout the year, lots of local galleries to take a stroll to see, and miles upon miles of incredible beaches, Fuengirola might be billed as a tourist destination, but it really is much more than that. The only way to experience it, however, is to visit it for yourself to see! Why should people visit Fuengirola? Because you’ll be able to relax the stress away, explore as you wish, and enjoy some sunshine as the days slip away.

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