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Flensburg is an independent community and the northernmost town on the German mainland.

Unfortunately for the city, it is known worldwide more for two primarily negative things: its register of traffic violators and the fact that it was the last ruling seat of the Third Reich, from May 1 to May 23, 1945, before the Nazi Party surrendered to the Allied Powers. Founded in the late 12th century, you can actually see the original 13th century town charter on display when you visit this city.

The Theatre District Is Outstanding

With five active theatre companies and a symphony orchaestra that puts on regular shows, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the nightlife of Flensburg in a way that you’ll love. From the theatre run by the Danish minority within the city to the Stadtttheatre which hosts regular shows, you will want to book your preferred show at the time you plan your holiday as seating is often limited. Enjoy an incredible dinner before the show, have a nightcap afterward, and you’ll have a fantastic night out as you let the world pass you by.

Old Town Flensburg Is One of the Best In the World

Much of Eastern Europe, especially in Germany, was destroyed during the battles of World War II. Because of this, many of the Old Town areas look authentic, but they’ve been rebuilt on the foundations of the original buildings. Flensburg was largely untouched by the war itself, which means you get the rare opportunity to tour an authentic German community that dates back to the 12th century. There are many highlights in a walking tour of Old Town Flensberg, but the best is Johanniskirche, the oldest church in Flensburg that dates to the 12th century.

Take a Day To Visit Glucksburg

Located on the Baltic Sea, arriving at Glucksburg is just a quick bicycle ride out of Flensburg. Once there, you’ll have a chance to tour the castle itself to see the furnishings and gardens. One room has a giant globe! The area has a strong Danish connection to it and the beaches allow for an incredible view at almost any time of year. With plenty of services available in town, you’ll enjoy your time in Glucksburg immensely.

Are You Ready To Visit Flensburg?

Flensburg is an incredible city that has plenty of museums, galleries, and other attractions that will make any holiday very relaxing and fulfilling. Regular festivals run from May through December, including a short film festival that explores what modern filmmakers are doing to advance their art.

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