Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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Make note that although the name “Holland” is used commonly in everyday language, the country is strictly called The Netherlands and internationally recognized as such.

Biggest City Holland

Facts about Netherlands, Biggest city What are the name of the biggest city Netherlands, and how big are city by population. Easy overview of the informations...

City A-Z


This 10th century community in Northern Holland sits on an ancient sandbank, giving visitors a uniquely spectacular view thanks to the canal that could be built thanks to its low-lying status. The most popular aspect of a visit to Alkmaar is its cheese market, but there is much more to this city that a nice bite. Many of the medieval structures in this city still stand as well, making it the perfect photography getaway. Here are a few additional options...

Amsterdam, capital of Netherlands

Travel and vacation in Amsterdam, Netherlands Here you will find general travel information, guides, “good to know” and facts as well as travel deals. We write about the best sights, shopping and things to do. See current weather, forecasts and current exchange rates updated many times a day. For many, Amsterdam is the ultimate location to explore the inner soul. Part of this is because of the reputation that this city has for allowing, or at least tolerating, specific liberating substances. Another part,...


Arnhem is a community that has its roots in history. A dozen grave mounds were once discovered that date back to at least 2400 BC. The city has its first mentioning in the late 9th century and Otto II officially created the city in 1233. This makes the Netherlands Open Air Museum a fascinating place to visit because of the history of this city. It's just outside of Arnhem and offers a look at farming, antique homes, windmills, and manufacturing from...


Breda is a city that invites you to embrace antiquity while you enjoy modern comforts. Within the city center, you’ll find moats, historic buildings, and the city harbor.  At Grote Market, you’ll find the main square where sidewalk cafes, pubs, and small shops await your arrival. Be sure to visit the Begijnhof, the Castle of Breda, and the Large Church while visiting the historic city center. You’ll find excellent examples of the Brabant style as you stroll along each winding...


Delden offers visitors a chance to glimpse old-fashioned Europe, but in a way that isn't kitschy or pretentious. When you walk down the streets of this community, there is a certain authenticity here that you won't find anywhere else. The stone structures stand strong and true against the ravages of time and conflict. Here are some of the things you should plan on doing if a trip to Delden is in your future. Visit the Old Church. Although this church was started...

Did you know that Amsterdam has more canals to explore than Venice? Or that the art museums throughout the nation have as many of the world’s masters in them as anywhere else in the world?

The old towns of the Netherlands offer visitors the quiet and quaint experiences of medieval Europe, so make sure to bring your bike or rent one locally because there is no better country in the world today to explore no matter what city you choose to make your base of operations.

There are many beautiful open lands that have been protected, so outdoor adventure is just a stone’s throw away from virtually anywhere within the country. One of the best options is Hoge Veluwe National Park, where you can lose yourself in an endless swath of evergreens and wildlife. Marshes, forests, and even sand dunes are plentiful here, just waiting for you and your camera.

The Romans even made it up to the Netherlands once upon a time, creating unique underground forts that are always worth a visit. Every generation that has ever called this nation home has left their mark somewhere in the Netherlands and this means there is always a chance to find a perfect moment. You can choose to explore 2,000+ years of history, take a moment to enjoy a cocktail, or just savor the friendliness of a brown cafe.

You could always come for the tulips and the windmills, but the Netherlands is so much more than these two famous options for visitors to enjoy

Best of the Netherlands

When you think of the Netherlands, there’s a good chance that you’re thinking about Amsterdam. To be fair, Amsterdam is rightfully a top choice for the first stop on any trip to this beautiful country.

There is also much more to see here than the capital city. The Netherlands is a nation that is bursting at the seams with charm, hospitality, and culture. Every destination here is a quick day trip to enjoy.

Here is the best of the Netherlands you can discover on your next holiday.

#1. Delft

If you love blue pottery, then you must take the time to visit this Renaissance town. Be sure to visit the Vermeer Center Museum during your stay as well, with some of his most famous works on display.

#2. Haarlem

The same appeal that Amsterdam offers can be found in this small city. There are fewer crowds here, which mean you have more time to explore at a pace which suits you. Think narrow streets, brick homes, and murals everywhere. Visit Jopenkerk during your stay, which is a brewery built into a 14th century cathedral.

#3. Kinderdijk

The Netherlands brings forth images of blooming flowers and iconic windmills. Visit here and you’ll be able to see 19 of these monumental windmills in action. The network of windmills had a job that was simple: to keep the soil dry to prevent flooding in the region. It has been a world heritage site since 1997.

#4. Rotterdam

Modernism is what springs to mind when thinking about this fantastic city. The beautiful cube houses are a wonderful site to behold. Some are even available as a short-term rental during the year. Be sure to visit the Market Hall and the Erasmus Bridge as you tour the city as well.

#5. Thorn

This small community is located near the Belgian border. The streets are still paved with cobblestone here. The homes and businesses are beautifully whitewashed. In the center of town, there is a stunning 10th century church to find.

#6. Zaanse Schans

You’ll find another collection of traditional homes and windmills when you make a stop here. You can also find yourself tracing a path through Dutch history as you explore. Even if you’re just passing through, a stop at the local cheese factory will be a rewarding experience.

#7. Wadden Sea

This is another one of the Netherlands’ world heritage sites that you won’t want to miss. These wetlands are the largest system of sand and mud flats of its type in the world. More than 50 islands make up this region, as do dozens of marine wildlife species. You’ll find harbor seals, harbor porpoises, and many other animals as you wander the beaches.

The best of the Netherlands takes you from shore to sea, allowing you to explore in a way that suits you best. Find a way to relax, let time begin to slow down, and you will rediscover your happiness when you make this country your destination of choice.

How is the weather in Netherlands?

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