Thursday, November 15, 2018

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Biggest City France

Facts about France, Biggest city What are the name of the biggest city France, and how big are city by population. Easy overview of the informations...

City A-Z


Aix-En-Provence, or more commonly just Aix, is located near Marseilles and is just a breath away from the Mediterranean Sea. It's famously known for a battle that occurred there during Roman times when the women who were captured by the Romans committed suicide rather than become prisoners. In Roman lore, the actions at the springs of Aix were considered highly heroic. Today's Aix, however, is more known for the many fountains that exist within the city. Are you planning a visit...


As the largest settlement on Corsica, Ajaccio offers a few advantages that the other cities on this island in the Mediterranean just aren't able to offer. It starts with the market, where fresh local produce is put up for sale. Ajaccio is also the birthplace of Napoleon, so it only stands to figure that there would be several monuments dedicated to him throughout the city. The imperial chapel even houses the graves of Napoleon's parents and siblings, while the Cathedral...


You can find Amiens to the north of Paris and it has been one of the most fought over communities in the entire country. Starting from the 12th century, it has been routinely attacked and conquered by those who were looking to take control of the region. It wasn't until the 18th century, when the textile industry became known the world over, that things finally began to calm down – until the world wars, that is. Both sides occupied the...


Ammerschwihr is a small village, nestled into the wine growing region of the Alsace, is literally surrounded by green hills and vineyards. It's the classic French village experience, located on the wine tour through the region, offering visitors the chance to kick back and enjoy a beautiful day in season. Bavarian influences can be seen in the town, with just a perhaps a bit of Swiss influence here and there, but what stands out the most is the friendly nature...


Sitting on a small peninsula that juts out into the Mediterranean Sea, right along the Blue Coast, Antibes is a natural stopping point for anyone who wants to visit Nice and Cannes on their holiday. Antibes, in fact, has enough adventure to make it a primary destination for some time away if so desired. With nearly 50 beaches along the 25 kilometers of coastline that Antibes has available, there's plenty of warm sand and crashing waves to enjoy when you...

France is the world’s most visited country for many good reasons. You’ve got iconic landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, the speak of romance and adventure.

There are vineyards to explore that feature some of the world’s best wines. The coast is littered with incredible beaches that cater to your every need. France also shares a border with 8 different countries, which means a day trip to somewhere incredible is always within reach.

You’ll always have Paris. What you won’t always have a chance to see are the 40+ heritage sites that are found in France. This nation has put a great effort into preserving its treasures, which means visiting sites like Mont St. Michel will make for a magnificent holiday. Each region of the nation offer something different, so hike, bike, and explore how you want and the rewards will be immense.

France may offer the rustic holiday experience that lets people see the outdoors, but it also offers one of the most amazing metropolitan holiday opportunities as well. The number of highly-rated fine dining options in villages large and small are too numerous to count. Take a cup of coffee outside and sip it leisurely for hours if you wish. Step in somewhere and ask for the plate of the day if you don’t mind being pleasantly surprised. France literally has it all.

From the countryside castles to the numerous masterpieces found in the Louvre, your holiday in France  can let you retreat into isolation or enjoy the wonder of a crowded public market. There is always something new to discover in this nation.

The Best of France

You’ll find France offers beautiful cities to explore. There are stunning countryside views to lose yourself in each day. Each town and village offer something unique and incredible to find.

Paris is an obvious choice to think about when considering the best of France. It is frequently named as one of the best places in the world to visit. With iconic landmarks and world-class museums, it is a natural choice as a destination. There are options outside of Paris worth considering as well.

#1. Nice

Located on the French Riviera, beautiful Nice welcomes one and all to create their own adventure. You’ll find beach access is plentiful. The museums here are engaging. There are boutique shops that tempt you with their magnificent finds. Baroque palaces glimmer in the sunshine. Travel in March or late September to take some of the edge off the cost if necessary to experience this stunning city.

#2. Aix-en-Province

Time in France already moves at its own leisurely pace. When you visit this town, you’ll discover that it has an even slower gear. Enjoy getting lost in the streets of the city for a while. You might find a lively market to enjoy. There are cozy cafés that offer a great cup of coffee. Linger along the wide boulevards. Make sure to add the Le Grand Marche to your itinerary as well.

#3. Cannes

Many visit Cannes each year to attend is world-famous film festival. What many may not realize is that this city is equally impressive throughout the rest of the year. It’s another stop on the French Riviera, giving you a chance to find your own brand of relaxation. Be sure to stroll along the lengthy promenade to find something that you will treasure.

#4. Bordeaux

This region often brings in travelers looking to experience its famous wine on a first-hand basis. More than 100,000 vineyards are currently managed here, after all. As you explore, you’ll find other wonders available as well, like Gothic cathedrals, stone bridges, and iconic plazas. Let the sunshine warm your face, have the wine warm your belly, and the hospitality of this region warm your heart.

#5. Loire Valley

The entire region is listed as a world heritage site because of its historic villages. There may not be a more romantic spot in France as a holiday destination – Paris included. The atmosphere here is relaxed and peaceful, with the occasional farm or winery offering tours. Find yourself a quaint chateau, wander at your own pace, and you will experience something intensely wonderful.

#6. Burgundy

The rolling hills of this region host an array of vineyards as well. You’ll also find yourself exploring ancient abbeys, Medieval villages, and interesting museums as you embrace the local culture. When sunsets hit the hills, the glow remaining feels almost magical.

The best of France brings families together. It encourages everyone to explore at their own pace. It invites you to cast of stress, embrace happiness, and find a deep sense of inner peace. Discover these destinations and you will long remember the experience.

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What is the capital of France