Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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Belgium is often off of the radar for those who want to experience a European holiday, but it shouldn’t be.

This nation isn’t a link between the places you want to explore. It is the place you want to be. This is especially true if you’re planning on a holiday around December. The Christmas markets are simply extraordinary and deserve to be experienced at least once by everyone.

Brussels often gets the most attention when planning a visit to Belgium, but cities like Ghent offer a number of incredible attractions as well. You can find your own little green space to enjoy a beautiful day, take a river cruise for a unique view of a city, or find a little hidden gem of a gin place in one of the public markets.

You can’t ignore the coast of Belgium either, even during the colder months, because of the continuous opportunities there are to explore. Take advantage of the sea breezes to hike over sand dunes or stroll in the gentle waves when there’s a still and sunny day. You’ll want to work up a hunger because local foods are often fried or rustic and served family style, which means you’ll want to have room to experience everything.

It’s been said that there is fury in a pheasant’s wings. This fury is found in a gentle way in all of the cities that you may choose to explore on your upcoming holiday in Belgium. Fuel your creative fire by exploring the numerous museums, parks, and cultural opportunities and you will discover that all of the preconceived notions that have been published about Belgium over the years are completely false.

Best of Belgium

Belgium learned how to create the perfect first impression very early on. It might not be the largest country you ever visit, but it will make a large impression on you during your stay. You’ll find charming villages, stunning coastal views, and iconic urban destinations in the best of what Belgium offers.

#1. Bruges

With its maze of winding, Medieval streets, beautiful Bruges offers unexpected delights everywhere you look. Gaze upward and you may find an ancient gargoyle staring down at you. Search the local market and you may find a cone of frites made just for you. Look for a spot to relax and you may find a lively pub or club with the right music. Whether you tour by boat or by foot, you’ll find this destination to be an amazing experience.

#2. Antwerp

This urban center has it all. You’ll find Flemish homes that relish their grandiose nature. There are Medieval streets to wander. A stunning Gothic cathedral serves as the trailhead for all your walking adventures. The MUHKA gallery gives the city a modern edge, while the various antique emporiums help us to remember the past.

#3. Ghent

Instead of striding forward with confidence onto the world stage, this stunning city preferred to stay lost in the background. It was the right choice. Whether you sip some coffee along the river or relax on a river cruise, the Gothic medley of architecture is a delight to the eyes. Visit the Gravensteen Castle during your stay, get a box of chocolates, and be ready to maximize the joy of your holiday.

#4. Hoge Kempen National Park

There may only be one national park in the country. It is still worth a lingering visit, however, with its mirrored lakes and pine forests. More than 200km of hiking trails are available to explore. You’ll find yourself surrounded by lavender, wildlife, and beautiful blue skies. It really is an outdoor paradise.

#5. Durbuy

With its cobblestone streets lined with ivy and flowers, you’ll discover that life here has adapted to a different world. Craft boutiques might be busy in the summer, though the wooded valley where you find this village is a perfect destination in any season. Find an excellent restaurant, relax in a pub, and enjoy the beautiful cottages that make up the “smallest” town in the world.

#6. Ypres

The Ypres Cloth Hall, a reconstructed cloth market from 1304, was one of the largest buildings of its type during the Middle Ages. From 1933-1967, the building was meticulously reconstructed to restore its appearance. It is 125m in width and stands 70m tall at the belfry tower. Other landmarks, such as the In Flanders Fields Museum and the Menin Gate Memorial, make this community a top destination choice.

The best of Belgium will take you through history. It will show you hope for what the future could be. You will also discover that when you visit, each day provides new opportunities to discover more about yourself.

City A-Z


Antwerpen, or Antwerp if you prefer, is the second largest city in Belgium and may even be called Anvers depending on your nationality. It's linked to the North Sea thanks to the Scheldt via the Westerschelde estuary and is one of the largest seaports in all of Europe. The city may have had its origins in Rome, but it was the Franks that helped to bring about what most would consider a modern city. What you'll find with a visit here...


The beauty of Binche is something that was completely planned. Charles V gave the Castle of Binche to his sister, who was Queen Mary of Hungary, in 1545. She lavished her love on this community and it flourished during the Middle Ages. The Carnival that is held here on Ash Wednesday is considered a masterpiece of human heritage. If you can't make it for the actual day, don't worry – there are events planned for all 7 weeks prior to...


This pearl of Belgium offers visitors a number of fascinating opportunities to get out an explore. Located in the Semois Valley, the highlight of a trip here is a visit to the fortified medieval castle that has been perfectly preserved. It continues to guard the community and you get the chance to walk back through time while enjoying some stunning views. Here are some more options to consider adding to your holiday here. There's just one place where beer is brewed...


Brugge, or more commony Bruges, is a city that invokes many images of peaceful tranquility when one hears the name. The most immediate image that comes to mind for most is that of one of the city's many canals, perhaps with the famous belfry in the background as the sun turns the sky into a beautiful purple sunset. Bruges offers visitors a glimpse of much more than just Old World tradition, however, which is why we've put together this essential...

Brussels, Capital of Belgium

Brussels, which is sometimes called Bruxelles, at one point was voted as the most boring city in all of Europe. Considering the whimsical look at life that the city takes as a whole, that perception is pretty incredible! If you're looking for a unique, fun place to take your next holiday, Brussels is an excellent choice! It might be Europe's best kept secret right now, but once you experience the city for yourself, you may just consider coming back time after time! Your...

Travel resources for Belgium

How is the weather in Belgium ?

clear sky
6.4 ° C
10.6 °
3.9 °
87 %
0 %
16 °
18 °
20 °
26 °
22 °

Official holidays in Belgium

Below you can see a list of the official holidays

January 1New Year's DayNiewjaarFixed
Easter MondayEaster MondayPaasmaandagVariable
May 1Labour DayDag van de arbeidFixed
AscensionAscensionOnze Lieve Heer hemelvaartVariable
Pentecost MondayPentecost MondayPinkstermaandagVariable
July 21Belgian National DayNationale feestdagFixed
August 15Assumption of MaryOnze Lieve Vrouw hemelvaartFixed
November 1All Saints' DayAllerheiligenFixed
November 11Armistice DayWapenstilstandFixed
December 25ChristmasKerstmisFixed
The above mentioned days are the national holidays. In Belgium there are three different communities. The days of the three communities are holidays for their civil servants and for employees of institutions controlled, supervised or financed by them (e.g. municipalities, universities) and may also be observed by banks in the concerned community. King's feast is a holiday observed by all (i.e. federal, community or regional, provincial and local) administrations, including the schools they organize.

Largest city in Belgium

Below you can see a sortable list of the largest cities in the country

1Brussels1.138.854 Brussels-Capital Region
2Antwerp466.203 Antwerp Flemish Region
3Ghent235.143 East Flanders Flemish Region
4Charleroi201.550 Hainaut Wallonia
5Liège188.907 Liège Wallonia
6Bruges116.982 West Flanders Flemish Region
7Namur107.653 Namur Wallonia
8Leuven91.942 Flemish Brabant Flemish Region
9Mons91.196 Hainaut Wallonia
10Mechelen78.900 Antwerp Flemish Region
11Aalst77.790 East Flanders Flemish Region
12La Louvière77.509 Hainaut Wallonia
13Kortrijk73.777 West Flanders Flemish Region
14Hasselt70.584 Limburg Flemish Region
15Sint-Niklaas70.016 East Flanders Flemish Region
16Ostend69.115 West Flanders Flemish Region
17Tournai67.844 Hainaut Wallonia
18Genk64.095 Limburg Flemish Region
19Seraing61.237 Liège Wallonia
20Roeselare56.268 West Flanders Flemish Region
21Verviers54.150 Liège Wallonia
22Mouscron53.174 Hainaut Wallonia
23Beveren45.771 East Flanders Flemish Region
24Dendermonde43.521 East Flanders Flemish Region
25Beringen41.531 Limburg Flemish Region
26Turnhout39.863 Antwerp Flemish Region
27Dilbeek39.585 Flemish Brabant Flemish Region
28Heist-op-den-Berg38.721 Antwerp Flemish Region
29Sint-Truiden38.427 Limburg Flemish Region
30Lokeren38.276 East Flanders Flemish Region
31Vilvoorde37.964 Flemish Brabant Flemish Region
32Herstal37.720 Liège Wallonia
33Braine-l'Alleud37.512 Walloon Brabant Wallonia
34Brasschaat37.133 Antwerp Flemish Region
35Maasmechelen36.456 Limburg Flemish Region
36Ninove35.874 East Flanders Flemish Region
37Waregem35.831 West Flanders Flemish Region
38Châtelet35.813 Hainaut Wallonia
39Geel35.502 Antwerp Flemish Region
40Halle35.108 Flemish Brabant Flemish Region
41Ypres34.919 West Flanders Flemish Region
42Grimbergen34.320 Flemish Brabant Flemish Region
43Knokke-Heist34.132 West Flanders Flemish Region
44Lier33.259 Antwerp Flemish Region
45Schoten33.132 Antwerp Flemish Region
46Mol33.060 Antwerp Flemish Region
47Wavre32.576 Walloon Brabant Wallonia
48Binche32.508 Hainaut Wallonia
49Menen32.439 West Flanders Flemish Region
50Evergem32.373 East Flanders Flemish Region
51Lommel32.141 Limburg Flemish Region
52Tienen32.083 Flemish Brabant Flemish Region
53Geraardsbergen31.543 East Flanders Flemish Region
54Heusden-Zolder31.017 Limburg Flemish Region
55Sint-Pieters-Leeuw30.929 Flemish Brabant Flemish Region
56Wevelgem30.926 West Flanders Flemish Region
57Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve30.188 Walloon Brabant Wallonia
58Bilzen30.173 Limburg Flemish Region
59Houthalen-Helchteren30.050 Limburg Flemish Region

What is the capital of Belgium


Brussels, Capital of Belgium

Brussels, which is sometimes called Bruxelles, at one point was voted as the most boring city in all of Europe. Considering the whimsical look at life that the city takes as a whole, that perception is pretty incredible! If you're looking for a unique, fun place to take your next holiday, Brussels is an excellent choice! It might be Europe's best kept secret right now, but once you experience the city for yourself, you may just consider coming back time after time! Your...