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Biggest City Spain

Facts about Spain, Biggest city What are the name of the biggest city Spain, and how big are city by population. Easy overview of the informations...

City A-Z


With its location just a few kilometers from the coast and a laid back island atmosphere, Adeje is a wonderful destination to support the exploration of the Canary Islands. You’ll find beautiful beaches, such as the Playa Fanabe and Playa Paraiso, along with numerous recreational opportunities. Mount Teide towers thousands of meters for those who love a good summiting experience, but Adeje is also close to the Play de las Americas and its vibrant night life. Enjoy beaches with black sands,...


Albacete,in the south-east of the Iberian Peninsula, is the largest city in both the province Albacete, and the region of Castilla-La Mancha, the city has a population of 172.000 inhabitants. Albacete is a center for education being home to University of Castilla-La Mancha, the Biomedical Campus of Albacete and the Technology Park of Albacete. Albacete is home to a large number of museums of which the most interesting is The Archaeological Museum of Albacete, located in the Abelardo Sanchez Park. The Pedagogical Museum The Municipal Museum...


Travel and vacation in Albinyana, Spain Here you will find general travel information, guides, "good to know" and facts as well as travel deals. We find the best travel video about the city and its surroundings and we write about the best sights, shopping and things to do. You will also find current weather and forecasts and current exchange rates updated many times a day. The municipality of Albinyana belongs to the district of Baix Penedes of the province of Tarragona. There is...


Located on the Costa Blanca, Albir is a popular tourist destination because of its many beautiful beaches and vistas. Initially a frontier area at the heart of religious battles, the initial settlers of Albir had to fortify their city against the many pirates that would raid the coastline on an almost constant basis. The city itself was initially founded because of mining and farming, but when those economies dried up, much of the population moved to South America. It is only...

Alcala de Henares

Originally founded as Complutum by the Romans, Alcala de Henares has a long history that has seen several ups and downs. When the Roman Empire disbanded, the city fell into a decline, but it also became a pilgrimage destination to remember Justo and Pastor. Over the years, Cervantes would be born here, which together creates a notable foundation of history to explore when visiting this Spanish city. What is notable about Alcala de Henares is its Medieval city center. You’ll still...


Travel and vacation in Alcanar, Spain Here you will find general travel information, guides, "good to know" and facts as well as travel deals. We find the best travel video about the city and its surroundings and we write about the best sights, shopping and things to do. You will also find current weather and forecasts and current exchange rates updated many times a day. Alcanar belongs to the district of Montsia of the province of Tarragona. It is located between the...


Located in southeastern Spain, just a short distance from the shores of the Mediterranean, is the town of Alcantarilla. The community was founded within a low-lying plain, with rich soils, so agriculture has been the emphasis of many families that have come to call this area home. You’ll find orchards, gardens, and natural wonders are plentiful with a visit to this beautiful region. Social networking has been a way of life in Alcantarilla long before any website offered the chance...


Alcúdia can be found on the Balearic Islands and is one of the main tourist centers in Majorca. It's a family friendly destination that promises lots of beautiful sunshine, time on the beach, and the chance to explore. The Romans used Alcúdia as a base of operations and the 14 kilometers of beach were used to help land on the island when they captured it. The materials of the island were able to produce exclusive clothing that was worn by...

Now is the time to drop everything that you’re doing right now and plan a holiday in Spain.

From the hidden coves and beaches that seem to be everywhere along the Mediterranean coast to the luxurious resorts of the Atlantic coast, there are plenty of mountains for you to explore between those two beautiful points.

There are some fascinating points of interest in Spain that make it truly unique. Did you know that there are Egyptian temples to explore in the country? Or some of the finest Roman ruins that are still used for performances? Even the oldest restaurant in the world today is in this nation.

No matter what city you choose to visit in Spain, you simply must plan for a summer holiday at some point. Almost every community offers a unique fiesta that will become one of the best parties of your life. Forget throwing tomatoes or running with the bulls. Go throw some meringue with thousands of others, attend an all-night folk dance, and then beg forgiveness if you must in the 1,000 year old temples, cathedrals, and mosques that dot the landscape.

Maybe the best part of Spain, however, is that there is something to discover no matter where you are. It could be a secluded beach, an unreviewed restaurant, or the best bottle of wine you’ve ever had. Spain is beautiful and offers you the perfect chance to get away from the rest of the world for as long as you need. Get started on your journey today and who knows what you’ll discover!

Regions of Spain

In the northern part of the country, there are coastal resorts and quaint fishing villages. These will give you a taste of authentic Spanish life in a small village. Some areas, such as La Rioja are known for wine production. You will get to experience the culture more than you would in a large city that is a tourist attraction.

You get the chance to experience history by visiting ancient monasteries and viewing cave paintings. In this area, you can also experience nature. The Pyrenees mountains form the natural border along the northernmost part of the country with France. You can take walking and hiking tours here.

Madrid is the best known city in the Central part of the country. This city is the capital and is filled with things to do. The central part of the map is also where you will find many ancient towns with historical landmarks and places to visit.

The central part of the country consists of plains divided by mountain chains. The Sierra de Guadarrama, Sierra de Gredos and Montes de Toledo are the mountain chains found on this section of the map. You can experience both nature and big city life here.

The Mediterranean is located on the east coast of the country. On the map, you will find the Catalona, Valencia and Murcia regions. Large cities to visit in this area include Alicante, Torrevieja and Barcelona. This area is also known as the Costa Blanca.

The biggest attraction on the Costa Blanca is the beaches. These areas on the coast are very busy during the summer season as people from all over Europe flock to the beaches. Look on the map for smaller villages that lie inland from the coast. There are many interesting places to visit in this area.

The southern part of Spain is where you will find cities like Seville, Malaga and Granada. This area is also known as the Costa del Sol. This area is becoming a popular tourist destination. Major attractions on this coast include the beaches. This area is also becoming a popular spot for golf vacations in all seasons.

The southern part of the map has beach areas on the coast line. Further inland there are mountain areas. Cities on this part of the map are also very popular spots to visit in the summer. This area is also becoming popular in the winter among people trying to escape the freezing temperatures.

The Best of Spain

Spain is a unique combination of cultures, colors, and landscapes. From the Plaza Mayor in Spain to the stark landscapes of The Canary Islands, there are many ways for you to experience paradise within this country.

Here is some of the best of what Spain offers to visitors every day.

#1. San Sebastian

Located on the Bay of Biscay, what is unique about this community is that it offers the highest per capita rate of Michelin stars for dining establishments. Make sure you walk the steep hills of the city during the day, so you can make room for the culinary experiences offered at night. Try signing up for a food tour of the town as part of the holiday experience.

#2. Extremadura

Situated along the border with Portugal, this region offers visitors a chance to explore the history of Spain. You can find the magnificent Roman amphitheater in Merida, the Old Town of Caceres, which is a world heritage site, and the beautiful cherry trees located in the Jerte Valley. Try to visit during the last week of March to see all the trees in bloom.

#3. Valencia

The paella always seems to taste better here. Maybe that’s because this famous dish was first created in Valencia. Almost every restaurant claims to make the best one in town. Deciding which one is right can be a fun experience. Make sure to tour the Ciutat de les Arts I les Ciencies, which is an aquarium and cultural complex all rolled into one location. Visit in March of the week-long Las Fallas and its intense bonfires too.

#4. Seville

A visit to Seville allows you to see what Andalusia is all about. There is color, exuberance, and a focus on tradition. Wander the streets of the Old Town to find something fantastic. Catch a flamenco show in the evening. Give yourself enough time to wait in line to see the Alcazar, a 1st century Moorish palace. The be sure to enjoy at least one of the native oranges during your stay.

#5. Granada

Snuggling up to the Sierra Nevada mountains, you’ll find a stunning array of mosaics awaiting your arrival. The defensive nature of this city allowed it to be the last holdout during the Reconquista period, which means you’ll find grand arches and intricate fountains in the city as well. If you wish to visit the Alhambra, be advised that tickets will often sell several months in advance.

#6. Balearic Islands

If you prefer long afternoons of sunbathing during your holiday, then these islands along the Valencian Coast in the Mediterranean are a perfect choice. Majorica offers more of a resort atmosphere, while Menorca offers quiet calm. Those who enjoy a thriving nightlife will prefer Ibiza.

The best of Spain will help you explore the complex culture of this country. It will allow you to find a quiet spot to relax and find something wondrous to see. From Barcelona to Madrid, and everywhere in-between, Spain allows you to create your own adventure, one step at a time.

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