Friday, March 5, 2021

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North Macedonia Travel Wiki

Easy travel guide
Find general travel information, guides and “good to know”. Find the cheapest flights and best hotels offers in one click multi search engine - just click a city and discover the best of the country.

Travel to North Macedonia

Macedonia is one of the few locations in the world where you can get buy with almost any language. Although Macedonian is the official language, English, German, and Italian are regularly spoken as well by most folks on at least a basic level. This will allow you to enjoy the numerous sights that are offered at value prices. Don’t forget about the bakeries offering local cheese pastries in the morning either!

The Past Is Mixed With the Modern

You’ll find a beautiful wine region in Macedonia alongside modern lakeside resorts and bustling old city centers. The exchange rate is also pretty favorable on most days, making cities like Skopje a tempting exploration opportunity. You’ll find historic bridges and buildings linking to modern shopping centers so that you can plan your holiday in a way that best suits your preferences and needs.

Outdoor Adventures

A yellow steel cross sits at the summit of a volcano. Wide green valleys have small trails for horseback riding. Mountain summits have dedicated locations for bonfires. Golfing, biking, spelunking, and even scuba diving are all readily available. If you love to explore the outdoors during your holiday, then Macedonia definitely has an experience for you.

History Around Every Corner

There are sites in Macedonia that date back over 6,000 years. There are numerous monuments that have been dedicated to the local efforts to experience freedom. Museums provide exhibits that trace the history of the country, the clothing traditions that are still practices, or are dedicated to famous people born in the area. Skopje, for example, was the birthplace of Mother Teresa.

Macedonia is a place where you can spend time at a resort, go shopping at modern malls, and then enjoy something rustic and traditional when you cross the street. That’s what makes this nation so inviting when planning a holiday and why it deserves a visit.

City Guides

Click on a city for more information about the city, maps, tourist information, tours and what to see and do in the city.


Skopje, capital of Macedonia

Skopje Travel Wiki Travel to Skopje Skopje is the largest city in Macedonia and is at the center of everything that this nation does. It has roots that date back to Roman times as a modern city and the area has been settled for at least 6,000 years as evidenced by the Neolithic settlements that have been located within the Kale Fortress, which itself was built in the 10th century on the remains of an older fortress that may have dated...