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Scandinavia is a historical region of Europe that includes several North Germanic cultural communities.

The term includes the kingdoms of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Greenland, Finland, the islands of Jan Mayen and Svalbard, and the Faroe Islands are sometimes included within this region, though traditionally it applies to only the peninsula.

Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Scandinavia has relatively mild weather patterns, despite the fact that the peninsula extends well beyond the Arctic Circle. You’ll find moraines, lakes, and glaciers are plentiful an often ready for the explorer to find. You will also find chances to explore the local cultures while getting to enjoy regional festivals and events.

One of the best times to visit Scandinavia is around the Christmas holiday. Many of the northern communities in Scandinavia put on Christmas markets, host reindeer events, and have festivals that celebrate the holidays. At the same time, there are chances to experience the Northern Lights and other natural wonders.

Along the southern coasts, the climate is more temperate and there are several resort options that can be pursued.

Scandinavia is also a land where seafood and bread happen all the time. Open-faced sandwiches are numerous. Expect mackerel for breakfast. Then go skiing if you wish or go sailing. Come in the summer and the sun may never set, but visit in the winter and you may not see the sun much at all. Either way, there is an adventure waiting for you here.

Plan your stay and experience the best of what Scandinavia offers.

Below you find a list of countries belonging to the region known as Scandinavia.

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Popular destinations in Scandinavia

A land of the midnight sun, of endless winter nights and of beautiful forests and sparkling lakes –Finland holidays are filled with discovery.

Finland is a place of stark contrast, of urban and rural areas each offering something entirely different to your trip away. Make your way through its pristine towns and cities, places where the comforts of modern life are never too far away before heading to spectacular natural settings adorned with effervescent waterfalls and magical forests. Take a break away to the beautiful capital city of Helsinki, where you can discover its lively night scene and sample the delights of the iconic Ice Bar or experience somewhere a little quieter. Whether you’re looking for northern adventures or a quirky city break, you’ll find some great places to discover on your holidays to Finland.

The Finnish summers bring with them a wealth of bracing activities to boost your adrenaline. There are an incredible 188,000 lakes in Finland, offering some great spots for adventure holidays. While canoeing and jet skiing are popular with holidaymakers, you’ll also find some ideal lakeside spots for cycling and mountain biking. If you’d rather traverse this beautiful country in a unique fashion, why not try horse-riding? With its endless, unspoilt forests and wealth of wildlife, you’ll be given the chance to view Finland from a different perspective. Finland holidays in the summer reveal you to some fantastic wildlife. Brown bears, wolves, moose and reindeer can all be seen from a distance with an experienced local guide, offering some great opportunities for budding wildlife photographers. If you’re looking to venture further afield, head to the Oulanka National Park to see reindeer and elk, as well as the many other mammals that populate this wilderness.

Finland has become an increasingly popular winter sports destination, with skiing and snowboarding in this magnificent landscape offering a welcome alternative to resorts in the Alps. Don your best pair of ski boots to take on this country’s glorious snow-capped mountains or discover something a little different with a short air-balloon ride over the snowy Arctic wilderness. If you’ve got little ones with you, you’ll love the magical feel of holidays in Finland. Snowmobiles, packs of huskies meandering through the snow and visits to Santa Claus are all part and parcel of a winter in Finland – creating a myriad of Christmas picture-postcard memories.