Tuesday, September 17, 2019

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Biggest City Russia

Facts about Russia, Biggest city What are the name of the biggest city Russia, and how big are city by population. Easy overview of the informations...

City A-Z


Chelyabinsk is a town that invites you to embrace the crossroads of life. Located a little east of the Ural Mountains, it sits at the border of where Europe and Asia come together. You’ll find the beauty of the Miass River combines with big blue skies to create a wonderful experience for every visitor. Theater, culture, and the arts are offered prominently during a stay in Chelyabinsk. There are several libraries found throughout the city, with more than 2 million...


Founded in the 17th century by the Cossacks, Chita has often been referred to as the City of Exiles. Decembrists and several members of the Middle Class were sent to Chita over the years, which made it a bastion of isolated intellectual pursuit. Like many important Russian cities in the 20th century, it was closed to foreigners until the Soviet Union dissolved. What is unique about Chita was that it was closed to many Russians as well. Because of this isolation,...


Irkutsk could easily be described as the cultural hub of Siberia. It is the home to several educational centers, 9 scientific research institutes, and the home to famous Russian writer Valentin Rasputin. It is a city that features a twist on Baroque architecture that is distinctly Russian as well, along with several theaters and museums to enjoy. The Church of the Cross, completed in 1760, is one of the best examples of Siberian Baroque architecture the city currently offers. A visit...


As the administrative center of Kaliningrad Oblast, this city is a federal subject of Russia even though it is an exclave along the Baltic Sea. It forms part of the territory that was part of Germany until the end of World War II when Soviet forces occupied the area after the war ended. German settlers were expelled in the years after the war, Soviet settlers came in to take their place, and the population has been mostly Russian since. Surrounded...


As one of the largest cities in all of Russia, Kazan has much to offer a visitor who decides to come for a visit. It lies in European Russia and the Kremlin is a World Heritage Site. It recently was honored for celebrating its 1000th anniversary, yet still offers visitors a glimpse of modern Russian life. After you've visited the historic city center and taking a look at the many striking buildings that have become a focal point of Kazan, here...


Situated on the beautiful Kuban River, Krasnodar is a short daytrip from the Black Sea, natural wonders, and stunning landmarks. The city is home to a steel hyperboloid tower, one of the few in the world, built by Vladimir Shukhov in 1928. Make your way over to the Krasnodar Circus and you’ll be able to see its wonders. Visiting Krasnodar also means touring St. Catherine’s Cathedral. Visit in the late spring or early summer and you’ll find this magnificent structure...


Krasnoyarsk is often described as the most beautiful city in Siberia and it is easy to see why. Standing guard to the south are forested mountains, breathtaking cliffs, and natural wonders that beckon explorers to come visit. The city was founded in 1628 as a fort thanks to its location at the confluence of two rivers. It has been a city where political exiles were sent, industrial facilities were built, and aluminum production has been the economic lifeblood of the...


The first sights you see during a stay in Kursk are expansive green areas that invite you to wander. The largest tank battle in history occurred here during the second global war, but memorials are only one reason to visit this beautiful Russian City. Make your way through Boyeva Dacha and its magnificent trails for an encounter with nature that is quiet and peaceful, even though you’re close to the heart of the city. It’s a wonderful place to have...

Moscow, capital of Russia

Moscow has been making news as of late for all of the wrong reasons politically, but that doesn’t change the cultural impact that this city has. It is one of the largest cities in the world, is the largest inland city in the world, and as part of its uniqueness is also the city with the largest forested area within the city limits. From the Grand Duchy to the Kremlin, this city has a number of different monikers associated with...


If you’ve ever wanted to explore what lies north of the Arctic Circle, then Murmansk is one of the cities you’ll wish to explore. It is the largest population center at its latitude anywhere in the world and serves as one of the world’s major ports along the Arctic Ocean. The winters in Murmansk can be harsh, but the summers are warm and beautiful. Living that far north, icebreaking ships are a daily part of maritime life. One of the first...

Russia offers visitors the full scope of magic that is expected on a planned holiday. If there is something you want to experience, this nation will provide you with the opportunity.

From the frozen wonders of Siberia to the active nightlife of each major urban center, you can enjoy the fusion of rustic beauty with modern convenience to have an incredible time, whether you prefer the East or the West.

Russia offers visitors some of the most unique UNESCO sites in the world today. One of the most special is the Volcanoes of Kamchatka, which only a few thousand people are allowed to visit every year. Geysers, hot springs, and other backcountry adventures can be found in every region, letting you embrace the call of getting away from it all to reset your clock in your own unique way.

There are also some intensely beautiful medieval sites to explore throughout Russia. Many are called to the onion-shaped domes of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow,  but don’t overlook options like Kizhi Island that don’t see the same level of tourism traffic. Some of the buildings don’t even have nails holding them together, yet have stood for centuries against the often harsh winters as a testament to the innovation of Russian architecture.

Ancient mountains stand guard over deep gorges, extensive plateaus, and numerous cities that offer you the perfect chance to experience a holiday in your way. Plan your trip to Russia and you will not be disappointed by what is waiting for you to discover.

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How is the weather in Russia ?

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11.2 ° C
12 °
10 °
71 %
75 %
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