Wednesday, September 18, 2019

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Biggest City Hungary

Facts about Hungary, Biggest city What are the name of the biggest city Hungary, and how big are city by population. Easy overview of the informations...

City A-Z


Baja is a city in southern Hungary and is home to 37,000 inhabitants. Baja is an important local commercial centre. Among tourists Baja is known for the annual Fisherman's Soup Boiling Festival which is an famous event. + Information


Békéscsaba is the capital of the Békés county, the city has a population of 65,000. The city is known for the traditional Hungarian sausage, kolbász and among tourists Békéscsaba is known for the Kolbászfesztivál (October Sausage Festival). The festival usually takes place around the national holiday of October 23. + Information

Budapest, capital of Hungary

Budapest is the largest city in Hungary and one of the largest in all of Europe. Originally the city was a Celtic colony until the Hungarians came to settle the region. Budapest has heavy influences on culture during the Renaissance period and this influence is still reflective today within parts of the city and culture. Often called one of the most beautiful cities in the world, you would find it difficult to take in all that Budapest has to offer even...


As the second largest city in Hungary, a trip to Debrecen offers a number of tremendous advantages. It's consistently been one of the country's most populous cities and that has made it a bastion of cultural development and activity that will be on display for your next visit. It's a wealthy city, a fairly conservative city, and since the introductory days of Calvanism has been influential in the development of religion. With subdued squares and numerous hidden gems, Debrecen offers...


Dunaujvaros is a busy river port and industrial town that lies in Fejer County in Hungary and has about 50,000 inhabitants. The biggest industy is the huge Danube Iron and Steel Works which began working in 1950. + Information


The beauty of northern Hungary stretches before your eyes with a visit to Eger. It may be a city that is best known for the castle that shares its name, but the Baroque buildings, thermal baths, and local vineyards should not be ignored either. How Eger got its name is up for some debate, but the numerous opportunities to explore offer something for everyone to agree upon. A trip to the Castle of Eager takes you back through the history...


Located halfway between Vienna and Budapest, Gyor is a centrally located city in Hungary that is worth more than just an overnight stay during your travels. Located on the Danube River, the area has been a virtual melting pot of societies and cultures over the centuries, which is reflected in the local atmosphere today. Originally settled by the Celts, the area has seen Austrian and Turkish influences, along with many others, and this is seen thanks to the monuments within...


Why should people visit Heviz? For the past 200 years, people have taken a journey toward this town because of its medicinal benefits. With plenty of spas, saunas, and therapeutic baths available, many have taken advantage of the healing power of the local natural springs. Thanks to the medical tourism, the city itself has been able to upgrade and meticulously take care of local parks while providing a world class cultural experience. Chances are you'll want to come back to...


Situated close to both Austria and Slovakia, Mosonmagyaróvár is a small city is actually the combination of two even smaller cities that ended up merging together in 1939. Known locally as “Ovar” because of the town's long name, it essentially translates to “Hungarian castle in the marsh.” This area was settled with modern encampments in the first century as the Roman Empire was spreading out its territory along the Danube River. Because of its location, the city has been under...


Founded by the Romans in the 2nd century, Pecs rose quickly in influence over the next two centuries. It was a significant 4th century religious center, with the necropolis from that era becoming a world heritage site in 2000. To explore the history of Pecs, all one must do is head toward the city center. From the main square, the Gazi Kasim Mosque still stands with its symbolism, even though it has been consecrated as a church. Szechenyi Square was...

Hungary might not be the largest country you may decide to visit this year, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a huge amount of opportunities to discover.

It’s a landlocked country, but one that features a culture that is truly influenced by no one else. The largest lake in Europe can be found within its borders, there are thousands of thermal springs to enjoy, and there’s the fact that relaxation is a top priority to the Hungarian way of life.

It is a land that is filled with rolling fields, including the largest grasslands on the continent. Caves dot the landscape, offering unique ways to explore the area, while still being able to enjoy the urban culture in cities like Budapest. Art and music are taken seriously here and you’ll find the museums dedicated to each make for a thrilling adventure.

The culinary opportunities in Hungary are also quite unique. The flavors are spicy, rich, and rustic in nature. Expect to have many dishes garnished with paprika and onions. Cut the richness of local dishes with a bottle of wine produced in Tokaj or Eger to round out the perfect experience.

Although Hungary is a country that strives to keep their traditions alive, it is not a nation that is living in the past. There are numerous options available to visitors to embrace this culture and enjoy their time away from the stresses of life. If you’re ready for a unique holiday, then the cities of Hungary have something to offer you.

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What is the capital of Hungary