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Separated from Asia by the Caucasus and Ural Mountains, along with waterways like the Caspian Sea, Europe is one of the smallest continental regions on the planet today.

With about 50 sovereign states in the region, it is also one of the most culturally diverse areas that one can explore.

It is also recognized as the birthplace of what would come to be called Western civilization thanks to Ancient Greece. It also saw the lengthy rule of the Roman Empire, even when it was split into eastern and western governing bodies. Since the Age of Discovery, Europe has arguably had the most influential role in global affairs when compared to any other region.

How Europe is explored depends upon the preference of the visitor. The coastal regions, especially along the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, have extensive resort areas to enjoy. Central Europe offers visitors a chance to explore ancient cultures, religious sites, and natural wonders. The islands of Europe have unique identities that fuse together with beautiful vistas to create wonderfully relaxing holiday opportunities.

After the creation of the European Union, traveling throughout member states has become incredibly easy. Unlike visitors from other geographic regions, the requirements for a border crossing are quite minimal. That makes it possible to explore, at leisure, whenever there is the urge to take a holiday of any length.

Europe is also geographically diverse, providing high peaks in the Alps and the rolling highlands of Scotland to explore. You can find a quiet place of peace, explore the artwork of masters, or create your own adventure. With the nations of this region, you get to choose your own adventure.

International festivals can be enjoyed in Europe. To name a few, they are the famous Bull Running in Pamplona, Spain; the masked Carnival in Venice, Italy; the festivities in Edinburgh, Scotland; and the music festival celebrated in Salzburg, Austria. These are just among the top rated celebrations that a European travel can provide you with.

When it comes to fashion, name it and Europe has it. Where else can you find the first released fashion statements other than in Europe itself? Punk culture is always attributed to London. Leather fashion is rooted from Italy as touched by the notions of the minimalist Scandinavians. More so, who can ever forget the line of clothing that the fashion of Paris introduces to all and sundry? Haute couture as they say! The avant garde and the classical tastes are successfully satiated by the trend presence in Europe.

You can never pass the time without taking the opportunity of grabbing a bite of the very famous European dishes. Italian pizza and pasta, Russia’s caviar, Britain’s roast beef, Germany’s sausages, Vienna’s coffee, and France’s croissants are all mouth-watering.

European health spas, you better get the experience of soaking in the warm and rejuvenating spas in the top European spots. Instead of using chemical treatment, the European spas make use of the natural method of healing. The doctors are the top rated ones. These spa treatments are inspired from the classic roots that can be traced back to the times of the Communist occupation in most of the continent’s places.

Below you find a list of the European countries from A-Z

European countries A - Z


Whether you plan to explore the ins and outs of Europe or wish to choose one of the most visited travel destinations in the area, there are plenty of deserving selections to consider. Depending on your personal preferences, you never know when you will happen upon the artistic pulse of the continent or one of the best natural landscapes in the region. In Europe, many worthy locations provide a vacation never to forget with some of the top destinations found below:


One of the world’s major business and financial centres, London is also a cosmopolitan and energetic centre for arts, culture, politics and entertainment. London’s population includes an extremely diverse range of peoples, cultures and religions, and with over 300 languages being spoken it is the most linguistically diverse city in the world. In addition to this, the city boasts a great number of important buildings and iconic landmarks, including world-famous museums, theatres, concert halls, galleries and palaces.

When visiting the historic city of London, you will encounter a wealth of attractions and activities that will have your head spinning for days. One moment you could be admiring the sunset while standing on the Waterloo Bridge, while the next minute is spent heading towards the popular attraction of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Additional features associated with London include medieval architecture, the Tower of London, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, as well as Buckingham Palace.


A vibrant city with timeless architecture and a passionate culture, Rome is the largest city in Italy and also the capital. Located on the Tiber and Aniene rivers near the Mediterranean Sea, Rome enjoys a warm, comfortable climate in which visitors can explore the city. In addition to a rich history, Rome is also home to the Vatican City, a sovereign enclave within Rome, it is the seat of the Roman Catholic Church and the home of the Pope. Traveling around Rome is fairly easy on a network of trams, buses and trains, although travel by car is not recommended.

Rome is filled with an array of interesting stops along an entertaining and exciting stay in the city. When it comes to artistic achievement, Rome might lead the way throughout Europe. With the likes of Michelangelo and other great talents, landmarks such as the Sistine Chapel are forever mentioned as one of the most impressive attractions in the world. The city also opens up to reveal plenty of masterpieces that extend to the realms of music, theatre, history, architecture, and culture.


As you pass through the streets of Amsterdam, you will encounter an awakening of the senses as tantalizing restaurant scents fill the air, interesting locals pass you by, and history and culture are spotted at every turn. Outdoor markets, beautiful flower spreads, and impressive city canals are just some of the features associated with this grand destination.


Serving as the capital of Germany, this city is blooming with blossoming businesses, talented artists, and satisfying main points of interest. Some of the main boroughs to consider visiting include the greenery in southwest Berlin, the historic center of Mitte, and lovely Prenzlauer Berg located in the northeast.


Often referred to as one of the greatest capitals in all of Europe, Vienna provides a wealth of tradition that has surpassed expectations in the art, political, and economic scene.


Decorated with small luxury accommodations, trendy eateries, and an overload of charm, this city provides an impressive display of Tuscan hospitality.


Oozing with romance, many newlyweds find their way to this exciting destination that offers connecting bridges over mesmerizing canals, romantic-filled nooks and crannies, and intriguing Venetian architecture.

The “city of canals”, is the capital of the region of Veneto and of the province of Venice, in Northern Italy. The city stretches across numerous small islands in the marshy Venetian Lagoon along the Adriatic Sea. Venice has a very rich history and in previous centuries the Venetian Republic was a major sea power and a staging area for the Crusades, as well as a very important centre of commerce and art during the Renaissance. As Europe’s largest car free area, traveling around the city can only be done by boat or on foot.


Barcelona offers a range of tourist attractions, from Roman remains and a historic city centre, the old harbour, museums and the famous Sagrada Familia church. It is the capital city of Catalonia and the second most populous city in Spain. Located in the comarca of Barcelonès, along the Mediterranean coast, Barcelona benefits from a temperate Mediterranean climate.


Paris is the capital and largest city of France. A stylish, sophisticated and romantic city, it boasts many sights to see, such as Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe as well as some of Europe’s best shops and restaurants. Located on the River Seine in the country’s north, Paris maintains much of its traditional architecture, with hidden squares, churches, cathedrals and palaces mixing in well with more modern designs. Access to Paris is fairly simple by car, rail or air.