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Maldives Travel Wiki

Easy travel guide
Find general travel information, guides and “good to know”. Find the cheapest flights and best hotels offers in one click multi search engine - just click a city and discover the best of the country.

Travel to Maldives

The Republic of Maldives is an island country, located southwest of India. It consists of 26 atolls and is one of the most dispersed nations in the world. Located on top of an underwater mountain range, it is the world’s lowest country. The highest point in Maldives is just 2.4m above sea level.

Tourism is one of the major income resources for this island nation, so there are numerous world-class resorts to enjoy during your stay. Expect warm beaches, turquoise waters, and your favorite cocktail by your side at all times. For many, a few days of pure relaxation underneath the sun, without any worries in the world, is the perfect holiday.

For those who want to add a few activities to their itinerary, diving and snorkeling are incredible around the Maldives. The atolls are all coral reefs. They’re hundreds of kilometers from any other large landmass. That means the waters are clear, stunning, and the marine life is available in abundance. You’ll find sharks, rays, and numerous tropical fish – along with the occasional shipwreck to explore.

Some of the waters are even listed as biosphere reserves. Baa Atoll is perhaps the most famous site, though Hanifaru Bay is where you’ll want to go to see the rays.

Surfing has recently grown in popularity around the Maldives as well, though the best waves come between June and August.

You’ll find the Maldives to be a beautiful island paradise. Come for the adventure, stay for the chance to relax, and plan to have a fantastic experience.

Best of Maldives.

A shimmering string of atolls nestled in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is paradise perfected. The climate is tropical, with temperatures averaging around 32C but hitting 37C during April and May. This makes the Maldives a sun-lover’s dream destination throughout the year. The Maldives has the distinction of being the smallest Asian country in size and population, just over 328,000 people on 298 square kilometres, as well as being the lowest-lying country in the world.

Villas perched on stilts out in the ocean are a famous image of the Maldives. There are many of them at the various resorts all over the atolls of this beautiful country. It provides a unique holiday experience. Altogether, there are 1,192 coral islands that make up the 26 atolls, of which 200 are inhabited. You can go on water safari and see them all.

When considering your Maldives accommodation, there are hundreds of hotels to choose from. Many of the atolls are taken up by entire resorts that are exclusive to their guests. If you want an exotic retreat from the world, there’s no better place – and all in the lap of luxury. The capital, Male, is home to dozens of top hotels, but as there are 10 airports dotted around the island nation’s 26 atolls, four international and six domestic, there’s easy access to other parts of the Republic. Popular atolls include the southernmost Addu, Faadhippolhu in the north and Felidhe to the east.

The low-lying Maldives is one of the most unique places in the world. It’s also a country of unparalleled luxury accommodation, and has become a favoured romantic holiday destination. Tourism in the Maldives reached a new record in 2013, with the arrival of 1 million people from overseas. More than a quarter of those came from China, demonstrating the destination’s growing appeal.

Naturally, given the abundance of ocean water, water sports are a popular activity in the Maldives. From June to September, the monsoon season causes giant swells of up to 8 feet that draw avid surfers from all over the world. Popular surfing points are located in North and South Male Atoll. You can stay at resorts in those areas to make the most of the waves.

If you prefer a more leisurely time in the water, you can go snorkelling, and most resorts and hotels will provide you with the equipment. For the more adventurous, scuba diving provides an up-close look at the teeming waters off the atolls and their equally fascinating coral formations. There’s more than one thousand species of fish and other creatures in the Maldivian waters and over 3,000 coral reefs, so dive right in and have a look. If you don’t know how to scuba dive, instructors are on hand to provide basic training.

There’s all manner of craft to go sailing on, as well as kayaks, kite-surfing, parasailing, water skiing and jet skiing.

Back on land, you can explore the many fishing villages and see how the local people live, and you can even go out on a night fishing trip and see what you can catch. You can also go on a day trip to an untouched, unspoiled desert island – the stuff of dreams.

A great way to see the entirety of this magical country is to take a seaplane flight, flying low over the atolls and viewing everything in breathtaking detail.

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Male, capital of Maldives

Male Travel Wiki Travel to Male Male’ is one of the primary destinations that can be found during a visit to the Maldives. It is one of the most densely populated cities in the world and is one of the lowest cities in terms of height above sea level. At just 5.8 square kilometers in size, the average height above sea level hovers around 2 meters and is shrinking. Male’ is often dismissed as a holiday destination because many review the city...

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Biggest City Maldives

Facts about Maldives, Biggest city What are the names of the largest cities in Maldives, and how big are the cities by population. Easy overview of the informations in the sortable table below. Please note that the informations comes from various sources,if you are using the informations professional you should get confirmation that the figures are actual. Last update august 2017

Geography and facts, Maldives

Maldives, geography and facts explained Geography, facts, local customs and foodie guide. All explained in videos 8 to 15 minutes, very good, informative and funny videos that will ensure you see the videos to the end. The videos are produced by Geography now, thanks for the videos and keep up the good work.

Maldives Holidays

Maldives Public Holidays See the calendars for national Maldives holidays year by year. Find and just click on the year you for which you need more information about Maldives holidays, and the calendar for the year will open. When is the non working days for the year. Public / national days, see the calendar for the country here.

Official holidays

When are holidays and no working days in the country ?

January 1New Year's Day
May 1Labour Day
July 26Independence Day
November 3Victory Day
November 11Republic Day
VariableBirth of the Prophet
VariableThe Day Maldives Embraced Islam
VariableEid al-Fitr
VariableEid al-Adha
VariableIslamic New Year
VariableHajj Day
VariableNational Day

Which are the largest cities ?

Listing of the most important and largest cities in the country