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South Asia is often combined with Southeastern Asia, but the two regions are distinctively different.

This region is primarily dominated by India, but includes the Himalayan nations and others that are bordered by the northern shores of the Indian Ocean. Island nations, such as the Maldives, are also included.

Much of the core of South Asia gained independence in the 20th century. Prior to 1947, most of this region was governed by the British Empire. Since gaining independence, there has been a concerted effort to restore the unique cultural identities of each ethnicity and nation. At the same time, there are still some colonial influences that can be found in the region as well.

For the adventurer, South Asia is the Holy Grail. The 8000m peaks of the Himalayas and lengthy backpacking treks allow for small villages and authentic landscapes to be visited. At the same time, the coastal communities have built a resort-like atmosphere that makes it possible to enjoy some time on the beach and a favorite water sport.

One can go hunting for temples in the forests of South Asia, stay in comfort at a world-class resort, or take on a trek of 3-31 days along the various mountain trails, such as Annapurna or the Everest Base Camp trek. No matter how you may wish to challenge yourself or prefer to relax, South Asia offers something amazing.

You will find this region to be intriguing and inviting. The nations here will help you find and then design the perfect holiday.

Below you find a list of countries belonging to the region known as South Asia.

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South Asia