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Asia is the largest and most populous continent on our planet. It shares borders with Europe, Oceania, and the Middle East. Because of its size and diversity, calling Asia a “destination” would be a disservice.

What is so unique about this region is the fact that there are areas of extremely dense settlements and then areas where a region may be barely populated.

Two nations, China and India, account for about 2.7 billion people, or just over 35% of the world’s total current population. At the same time, about 40 million people live in Siberia, which accounts for 77% of the total land area for Russia, but just 27% of the country’s total population.

Africa may be considered the birthplace of modern humanity, but Asia is considered the birthplace of modern spirituality. Virtually every mainstream religion has foundations within this region. That has led to political difficulties at times, but it has also promoted high levels of cultural diversity.

Ancient influences helped Asia to grow into the diverse array of cultures that it happens to be. One major influence was the Silk Road, which was the primary trading route that ran East to West, bring people from Europe to Asia for commercial purposes. This helped populations to thrive throughout the region, even in the hot, dry deserts that can be found here.

From the beautiful peaks of the Himalayas to the rugged deserts of the Middle East, Asia offers amazing vistas and beautiful horizons. You will find the available destinations here provide incredible opportunities for everyone.

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