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You can find Amiens to the north of Paris and it has been one of the most fought over communities in the entire country.

Starting from the 12th century, it has been routinely attacked and conquered by those who were looking to take control of the region. It wasn’t until the 18th century, when the textile industry became known the world over, that things finally began to calm down – until the world wars, that is. Both sides occupied the town several times over both wars, virtually leveling it by the end of 1945.

The chance to rebuild meant that plans for wide streets, white stone, and slate roofing could create a dominant, beautiful visual first impression that was second to none in France. If your plans include Amiens, then take that positive first impression you’ll get and include these additional ideas with your plans.

The Tallest Gothic Cathedral Is In Amiens

If you love the classic Gothic church, then the tallest one in the world is in Amiens. It was initially finished in 1247 and has remarkably survived all of the conflict the community has seen without much need for extensive retrofitting or renovation. There are a number of incredible sculptures that can be see on the facade and the labyrinth of its structure is one of the most complete that still exists in any similar cathedral or church today. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Another classic building, though more modern, is one of the few remaining permanent circuses that are in the world today. The Cirque Jules Verne in Amiens is only 1 of 7 that still exist in France and is still in use. It’s a stone structure now, but was originally a timber structure and the building is worth a visit to see it, even if there isn’t a show to watch.

Amiens has an intense connection with the work of Jules Verne as he wrote most of his best known works while living in the city. He is even buried there at the Madeleine Cemetery. The quiet spaces there are reflective of the many hortillonnages that exist throughout the city. These small gardens on the islands of marsh that are in the rivers create a wonderful opportunity for pictures and brings about memories of Venice.

One of the Tallest Buildings in Western Europe Is in Amiens As Well

If you want an amazing view, then climb to the top of the Perret Tower. It faces the train station and has long been one of the tallest buildings in Western Europe as it stands at 110 meters in height. It’s a residential skyscraper, so it isn’t exactly open to the public. Use your charm to talk your way up the roof and you’ll be rewarded for your efforts. Just don’t try to sneak through or you may find yourself in some trouble!

For another impressive view, the Musee de Picardie has something amazing to offer. It’s housed in a Second Empire building that has an incredible central room that will make you stand and look in awe. There are a number of great exhibits that take you through Medieval art, local archaeological finds and exhibits, and ceramics that date back to the French Revolution.

What could you find to do in Amiens? There are a number of fascinating opportunities to explore here that make coming back a fun opportunity. Find your own story here and then tell it time and time again!

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