Monday, March 25, 2019

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Argentina is a nation that has seen some good times and some very bad times. Through it all, the people of this great nation have developed a certain perseverance that is rare in the world today.

It is reflected in their pride, their humor, and their traditions. Each day deserves to be explored to its fullest extent in Argentina and that is the attitude you’ll find from the first moment you find yourself there.

You’ll find that there are many passions to pursue in Argentina, but none are greater than dancing and football. Find a club to dance the tango, take in a live match, and you’ll get a first-hand glimpse of the passion this nation has.

Mother Nature also seems to be passionate about Argentina. Whether you visit the powerful Iguazu Falls in the north or explore the Glaciar Perito Moreno in the south, the topographical vistas are incredible to see. Let’s not forget about the Andes Mountains either, which offer some of the highest peaks on this side of the planet.

And you’ll discover that there seems to be a steak restaurant on almost every corner. You’ll also find Italian, Scandinavian, and Asian influences are abundant, but all pair well with the Argentinian wine that you’ll want to take home by the case.

Salt flats, vivid forests, and numerous guided adventures all await you in Argentina. Flamingos call some of the rich wetlands home. You’ll find penguins stopping by to say help. Overseen by mountain peaks and spectacular urban opportunities, the culture is somewhat edgy, but rich in what matters most: passion.

Best of Argentina

Argentina offers a vast array of exciting sites, historic landmarks, and stunning views to create the perfect holiday opportunity. Deciding what you want to see first can be a challenging experience.

This list of the best of what Argentina offers might just help you make the decision to start exploring.

#1. The Quebrada de Humahuaca

This mountain range hides a coat of many colors just beneath its surface. Stretching out for over 150km, you’ll be following in the steps of the ancient Incan trails as you make this journey. You can either drive through this range to experience its colors, take a trail through the mountains, or enjoy the views from a village like Tilcara.

#2. Salta

This city is what Argentina is all about as a culture. You’ll find perfectly manicured public squares. The streets are often paved with cobblestone. The churches are always colorful. There are Spanish influences combining with local touches to give the city a distinct personality. You’ll also find a great steak here, a wonderful bottle of wine, and plenty of opportunities to go exploring.

#3. Mendoza

If you prefer your wine without a steak, then this province must be your destination of choice. On a clear day, you’ll see the Andes mountains towering over vineyards. Many of the small villages in the province feature local wines at bars and restaurants. You can also visit the vineyards for direct samples at some locations.

#4. Los Glaciares National Park

One of Argentina’s most-famous attractions is Perito Moreno. As you travel to see this stunning glacier, you’ll discover icebergs floating by your chartered boat. You’ll see 4 other glaciers on your way. Then you’ll spot an incredible glacier that is over 30km in length. Most glaciers today are retreating, but not Perito Moreno. It continues to advance, giving visitors a chance to see large chunks of ice break off into the water.

#5. El Chalten

After visiting Perito Moreno, head over to this tourist village. In the warmer months, you can visit the tall, jagged peaks that surround you within Los Glaciares National Park. There are multiple paths that cater to various difficulty levels. To reach the true summit, however, you’ll need to prove you have mountaineering skills. Guest houses here are limited, so if this is where you wish to stay, you’ll need to plan well in advance.

#6. Ushuaia

This is where Argentina has declared the end of the world to be. If you wish to take a cruise down to Antarctica, this is where your journey will originate. You’ll find fantastic hiking trails here, plus plenty of opportunities to explore the various channels and waterways in the area. Make your way to Harberton Ranch, a 19th century pioneer home, to encounter the local wildlife.

The best of Argentina can take your breath away in so many different ways. If you’re on a quest to design the perfect holiday adventure, this country must be one of your top choices.

City A-Z


Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina

A visit to Argentina almost always means spending time in Buenos Aires. It’s the largest city in the country and it serves as its capital. Visitors are greeted with colorful cultural opportunities, with options that include attending a tango show, a bus tour of the city, or taking some time to enjoy a traditional asado. There are several notable streets in Buenos Aires that worth exploring. Alvear Avenue provides you with access to 5-star dining and shopping, with many former mansions along...


Stunning Córdoba in central Argentina is the second most populous city in Argentina with 1.300.000 inhabitants. The city lies on the Suquía River at the foothills of the Sierras Chicas. The city is the capital of Córdoba Province The city was founded 6/7 1573 by Jerónimo Luis de Cabrera, who named it after Córdoba, Spain. It was of the original Spanish colonial capitals. Today, this urban center is a thriving university town, with a world heritage site and plenty of natural wonders to explore. If you love to wander, then...

Mar Del Plata

Located within the Buenos Aires Province of Argentina, the majesty of the Atlantic Ocean is on display when visiting Mar del Plata. Visitors may come to enjoy the largest seaside beach resort the country offers, but they stay for the many wonders that the city provides. Numerous festivals are held in the city throughout the year. One of the most popular, the International Film Festival, is the only accredited film festival that is held in Latin America. The Sea Star...


Mendoza is a crossroads community in Argentina. When visiting this city, you can plan a journey to Aconcagua, which is the highest mountain in the Southern and Western hemispheres. You can put yourself a short daytrip from Buenos Aires or Santiago. The ski resorts of the Andes Mountains are within easy reach from this community as well. It may be a place where roads cross, but Mendoza has plenty to offer those who visit in its own right. The olive...

Puerto Iguazu

If you wish to experience the wonder of Iguazu Falls from the Argentinian side, then Puerto Iguazu will be your destination. This tri-border community has created a secondary attraction, called the “Three Frontiers,” celebrates the border of Argentina with Brazil and Paraguay. You’ll find stunning views of the river, Guarani Aquifer, and some fishing opportunities. Because of the waterfalls and the beautiful vistas that surround the area, Puerto Iguazu has developed into an active artisan colony that features numerous galleries and...

Travel resources for Argentina

How is the weather in Argentina?

Buenos Aires
clear sky
12.1 ° C
14 °
11 °
67 %
0 %
20 °
21 °
22 °
23 °
22 °

Official holidays in Argentina

Below you can see a list of the official holidays

January 1New Year's DayAño NuevoFixed
March 24Day of Remembrance for Truth and JusticeDía Nacional de la Memoria por la Verdad y la JusticiaFixed
April 2Day of the Veterans and Fallen of the Malvinas WarDía del Veterano y de los Caídos en la Guerra de MalvinasFixed
VariableGood FridayViernes SantoVariable
May 1Labour DayDía del TrabajadorFixed
May 25May RevolutionDía de la Revolución de MayoFixed
June 17Anniversary of the Passing of General Martín Miguel de GüemesPaso a la Inmortalidad del General Martín Miguel de GüemesFixed
June 20General Manuel Belgrano Memorial DayPaso a la Inmortalidad del General Manuel BelgranoFixed
July 9Independence DayDía de la IndependenciaFixed
August 20General José de San Martín Memorial DayPaso a la Inmortalidad del General José de San MartínFixed
October 16Day of Respect for Cultural DiversityDía del Respeto a la Diversidad CulturalFixed
November 20National Sovereignty DayDía de la Soberanía NacionalFixed
December 8Immaculate Conception DayDía de la Inmaculada Concepción de MaríaFixed
December 25ChristmasNavidadFixed
The listed days are official national holidays.

In Argentina there are a great number of federal non-working national or religious holidays, during which people of different faiths are excused from work:

List of Airports in Argentina IATA

Below you can see a list of IATA airports in Argentina, sorted in International, Domestic and Regional airports. Use the search field if you need information about a specific airport.

Buenos Aires metropolitan areaSAEZEZEMinistro Pistarini International AirportInternational
Comodoro RivadaviaSAVCCRDGeneral Enrique Mosconi International AirportInternational
CórdobaSACOCORIng. Aer. Ambrosio L.V. Taravella International AirportInternational
CorrientesSARCCNQDoctor Fernando Piragine Niveyro International AirportInternational
El CalafateSAWCFTEComandante Armando Tola International AirportInternational
FormosaSARFFMAFormosa International Airport (El Pucú Airport)International
Jujuy (San Salvador de Jujuy)SASJJUJGobernador Horacio Guzmán International AirportInternational
Mar del PlataSAZMMDQÁstor Piazzolla International AirportInternational
MendozaSAMEMDZGovernor Francisco Gabrielli International AirportInternational
Río GallegosSAWGRGLPiloto Civil Norberto Fernández International AirportInternational
Puerto IguazúSARIIGRCataratas del Iguazú International AirportInternational
NeuquénSAZNNQNPresidente Perón International AirportInternational
UshuaiaSAWHUSHUshuaia – Malvinas Argentinas International AirportInternational
Catamarca (San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca)SANCCTCCoronel Felipe Varela International AirportInternational
ResistenciaSARERESResistencia International AirportInternational
Río GrandeSAWERGAHermes Quijada International AirportInternational
RosarioSAARROSRosario – Islas Malvinas International AirportInternational
SaltaSASASLAMartín Miguel de Güemes International AirportInternational
Tucumán (San Miguel de Tucumán)SANTTUCTeniente General Benjamín Matienzo International AirportInternational
Bahía BlancaSAZBBHIComandante Espora AirportDomestic
Bariloche (San Carlos de Bariloche)SAZSBRCSan Carlos de Bariloche AirportDomestic
Buenos Aires metropolitan areaSABEAEPAeroparque Jorge NewberyDomestic
Caleta OliviaCVICaleta Olivia AirportDomestic
Carmen de PatagonesCPGCarmen de Patagones AirportDomestic
CatrielCCTColonia Catriel AirportDomestic
CaviahueSAHECVHCaviahue AirportDomestic
CeresSANWCRRCeres AirportDomestic
CharataCNTCharata AirportDomestic
Chos MalalSAHCHOSChos Malal AirportDomestic
ClorindaSATCCLXClorinda AirportDomestic
Concordia (San Antonio de Padua de la Concordia)SAACCOCComodoro Pierrestegui AirportDomestic
Coronel SuárezSAZCCSZBrigadier Hector Eduardo Ruiz AirportDomestic
Cutral CóSAZWCUTCutral Có AirportDomestic
Curuzú CuatiáSATUUZUCuruzú Cuatiá AirportDomestic
El BolsónSAVBEHLEl Bolsón AirportDomestic
El MaiténSAVDEMXEl Maitén AirportDomestic
Buenos Aires metropolitan areaSADPEPAEl Palomar AirportDomestic
EldoradoSATDELOEl Dorado AirportDomestic
EsquelSAVEEQSEsquel AirportDomestic
General PicoSAZGGPOGeneral Pico AirportDomestic
General RocaSAHRGNRDr. Arturo Umberto Illia AirportDomestic
General VillegasVGSGeneral Villegas AirportDomestic
Gobernador GregoresSAWRGGSGobernador Gregores AirportDomestic
GoyaSATGOYAGoya AirportDomestic
GualeguaychúSAAGGHUGualeguaychú AirportDomestic
Ingeniero JacobacciSAVJIGBIngeniero Jacobacci AirportDomestic
José de San MartínSAWSJSMJosé de San Martín AirportDomestic
JunínSAAJJNIJunín AirportDomestic
La CumbreSACCLCMLa Cumbre AirportDomestic
La PlataSADLLPGLa Plata AirportDomestic
La RiojaSANLIRJCapitán Vicente Almandos Almonacid AirportDomestic
Las HerasSAVHLHSColonia Las Heras AirportDomestic
Las LomitasSATKLLSAlférez Armando Rodríguez AirportDomestic
LoncopuéLCPLoncopué AirportDomestic
Los MenucosLMDLos Menucos AirportDomestic
MalargüeSAMMLGSComodoro D. Ricardo Salomón AirportDomestic
MaquinchaoSAVQMQDMaquinchao AirportDomestic
MercedesSATMMDXMercedes AirportDomestic
MerloSAOSRLOValle del Conlara AirportDomestic
MiramarMJRMiramar AirportDomestic
Monte CaserosSARMMCSMonte Caseros AirportDomestic
NecocheaSAZONECNecochea AirportDomestic
OlavarríaSAZFOVROlavarría AirportDomestic
Orán (San Ramón de la Nueva Orán)SASOORAOrán AirportDomestic
ParanáSAAPPRAGeneral Justo José de Urquiza AirportDomestic
Paso de los LibresSARLAOLPaso de los Libres AirportDomestic
PehuajóSAZPPEHComodoro Pedro Zanni AirportDomestic
Perito MorenoSAWPPMQPerito Moreno AirportDomestic
PosadasSARPPSSLibertador General José de San Martín AirportDomestic
Presidencia Roque Sáenz PeñaSARSPRQPresidencia Roque Sáenz Peña AirportDomestic
Puerto DeseadoSAWDPUDPuerto Deseado AirportDomestic
Puerto MadrynSAVYPMYEl Tehuelche AirportDomestic
Puerto San JuliánSAWJULACapitán José Daniel Vazquez AirportDomestic
Puerto Santa CruzSAWURZASanta Cruz AirportDomestic
RafaelaSAFRRAFRafaela AirportDomestic
ReconquistaSATRRCQReconquista Airport (Daniel Jurkic Airport)Domestic
Rincón de los SaucesSAHSRDSRincón de los Sauces AirportDomestic
Río CuartoSAOCRCULas Higueras AirportDomestic
Río MayoSAWMROYRío Mayo AirportDomestic
Río TurbioSAWTRYORío Turbio AirportDomestic
San Antonio OesteSAVNOESAntoine de Saint Exupéry AirportDomestic
San JuanSANUUAQDomingo Faustino Sarmiento AirportDomestic
San LuisSAOULUQBrigadier Mayor César Raúl Ojeda AirportDomestic
San Martín de los AndesSAZYCPCAviador Carlos Campos Airport (Chapelco Airport)Domestic
San RafaelSAMRAFASan Rafael Airport (S. A. Santiago Germano Airport)Domestic
Santa Fe (Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz)SAAVSFNSauce Viejo AirportDomestic
Santa RosaSAZRRSASanta Rosa AirportDomestic
Santa TeresitaSAZLSSTSanta Teresita AirportDomestic
Santiago del EsteroSANESDEVicecomodoro Ángel de la Paz Aragonés AirportDomestic
SarmientoSAVMOLNLago Musters AirportDomestic
Sierra GrandeSAVSSGVSierra Grande AirportDomestic
SunchalesSAFSNCJSunchales AirportDomestic
TandilSAZTTDLTandil Airport (Héroes de Malvinas Airport)Domestic
TartagalSASTTTGTartagal "General Enrique Mosconi" AirportDomestic
Termas de Río HondoSANR[2]RHDTermas de Río Hondo AirportDomestic
TrelewSAVTRELAlmirante Marco Andrés Zar AirportDomestic
Tres ArroyosSAZHOYOTres Arroyos AirportDomestic
ValchetaVCFValcheta AirportDomestic
ViedmaSAVVVDMGobernador Edgardo Castello AirportDomestic
Villa DoloresSAODVDRVilla Dolores AirportDomestic
Villa GesellSAZVVLGVilla Gesell AirportDomestic
Villa MercedesSAORVMEVilla Reynolds AirportDomestic
ZapalaSAHZAPZZapala AirportDomestic
List of Argentinian IATA Airports

Largest city in Argentina

Below you can see a sortable list of the largest cities in the country

1Buenos Aires3,050,728
5San Miguel de Tucumán789,000
6La Plata732,000
7Mar del Plata604,000
9Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz493,000
10San Juan453,000
12Santiago del Estero357,000
14Bahía Blanca304,000
15San Salvador de Jujuy298,000

What is the capital of Argentina


Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina

A visit to Argentina almost always means spending time in Buenos Aires. It’s the largest city in the country and it serves as its capital. Visitors are greeted with colorful cultural opportunities, with options that include attending a tango show, a bus tour of the city, or taking some time to enjoy a traditional asado. There are several notable streets in Buenos Aires that worth exploring. Alvear Avenue provides you with access to 5-star dining and shopping, with many former mansions along...