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Canada Travel Wiki

Easy travel guide
Find general travel information, guides and “good to know”. Find the cheapest flights and best hotels offers in one click multi search engine - just click a city and discover the best of the country.

Travel to Canada

Canada has the feeling of home. Whether you’re choosing to take an evening walk along a city harbor, explore mountain trails, or you want to get lost in the expansive countryside, Canada brings the glory of nature right to you.  It is more than just the trip of a lifetime. It is an experience that will speak to your very soul.

Eastern Canada offers visitors a taste of Europe, but with a North American twist. The international community is strong and diverse, allowing you to sample numerous cultures with a simple walk down the street. A visit to Niagara Falls is one of those must-do items, especially since you’ll be on the “better” side of the falls.

Western Canada offers you the opportunity to experience nature. Take a boat tour and see orcas swimming right next to you. Visit the beautiful gardens of Victoria and then climb the rugged peaks of the Rocky Mountains. A train ride along the coast is an unforgettable experience that is budget-friendly as well.

Head up north and you’ll be able to explore glaciers, arctic lakes, and more rugged exploration opportunities. Don’t forget to order poutine at least once during your trip as well.

Canada is one of those countries where being “friendly” isn’t good enough. There is a certain vastness to explore that seems empty, but is really filled with a hospitality that is always warm and friendly. Turn it into your playground and you’ll have more fun that you could have ever imagined.

Canada for history buffs

Canada is being made up of ten Provinces and three Territories. To the North is the Artic ocean; Davis Strait on the North East separates it from Greenland, to the East is the Atlantic Ocean; the South is bordered by the United States of America and the West by the Pacific Ocean and Alaska.

The First Nations or Indian people were the original inhabitants of Canada and the name comes from their language and means “Village” or “Community”. The Vikings, who arrived in the 11th century and didn’t stay for long, were the first Europeans to land in Canada.

More Europeans arrived in the 16th century bringing with them manufactured goods which they traded for furs and native products – because of this they were made welcome by the indigenous people.

The two main groups of European settlers were the French, who came first, and then the English. Despite France losing its part of the territory to Britain in a war in 1760, many of the French speaking people stayed.

In 1867, three colonies of Britain merged in an event called Confederation; this created a partially independent state of four Provinces. Six more Provinces and three Territories have since been added and in 1931 full independence was achieved. Canada still belongs to the Commonwealth of Nations.

Best of Canada

Canada is often said to offer a flavor of Europe for North Americans. As part of the Commonwealth of Nations, there is a diversity and unity found in the cultures of Canada that create a unique opportunity for adventure.

Here are some of the best destinations from which to choose when visiting Canada.

#1. Niagara Falls

The Canadian side of Niagara Falls provides the best views of this incredible natural wonder. The falls drop over 170 feet, rushing along at 90km per hour, to create a roar that drowns out all other sounds. There is a charter boat company which takes you right up next to the falls for a truly unique experience. Wineries, casinos, and museums are in the area as well.

#2. Banff

Banff is situated in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, this national park provides unspoiled beauty for as far as the eye can see. You can go skiing in the winter, hiking in the summer, and enjoy the opulent spas in the area all year long. The views around Lake Louise are particularly stunning as you enjoy some of the best opportunities Canada offers from a natural perspective.

#3. Prince Edward Island

You’ll find sandstone cliffs shimmering in red during a sunrise. There are rolling green hills that speak to the adventurers’ soul. You will discover empty beaches that invite you to take a stroll. The bounties found here hold tremendous value, whether you encounter a harp seal, sit down to a wonderful meal, or take a deep breath of the salty-sweet air.

#4. Victoria

Victoria is located on Vancouver Island, this city honors the British roots which helped to settle Canada in centuries past. There is a stunning botanical garden to explore here, which allows you to settle in for an afternoon tea amongst its wonders. There are a variety of wineries on the island which offer tours and samples. Be sure to take a tour of the Parliament building during your stay as well.

#5. Whistler

If you love the challenge of a difficult ski run, then Whistler must be your destination of choice. You’ll find snowboarding parks are wildly abundant here as well. You can even go bungee jumping off the local bridges. Then, when you’re finished, warm up by the fire and enjoy something amazing with the gourmet cuisine that is famous within the area.

#6. Quebec City

Take a deep breath in Quebec. You’ll discover that the aroma of freshly-baked bread is abundant in the streets of this city. There’s just a touch of espresso you can detect in there as well. As you explore the cobblestone streets, there is a diversity in the cultures you’ll encounter. On one block, you may be reminded of Paris. On another, perhaps Rome. Go further and you’ll experience the charm of Havana.

The best of Canada takes you from coast-to-coast, allowing you to embrace the history of each province and region while exploring the many natural wonders found here. There really is something here for everyone to enjoy.

City Guides

Click on a city for more information about the city, maps, tourist information, tours and what to see and do in the city.



Banff Travel Wiki Travel to Banff The outdoors will be calling your name with a visit to Banff. Located in Southern Alberta, you’ll be in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains with a stay here. Not only do you have access to countless mountain trails, skiing opportunities, and extensive cycling, but there are hot springs available for your relaxation after a tough day of adventure. First settled in the late 19th century, Banff was initially a railroad town. When the hot springs...


Brampton Travel Wiki Travel to Brampton As part of the Greater Toronto Area, Brampton takes its name from the English market town and has been a settled village since 1853. A large greenhouse industry was once present in this community, giving it the nickname of the “Flower Town of Canada.” You’ll still find plenty of botanical influences throughout the city, but as Brampton has grown up, so has its culture. Be sure to visit the Peel Art Gallery during your stay in...


Calgary Travel Wiki Travel to Calgary If you enjoy a good mountain holiday, then Calgary is just a short drive away from the Canadian Rockies and plenty of outdoor adventures. If you enjoy a good urban holiday, then the numerous green spaces and cultural attractions of the city will keep you busy every day during your stay. Calgary offers an eclectic mix of cultures, venues, and public squares that each offer visitors something unique to experience. There are several notable shopping areas...


Canmore Travel Wiki Travel to Canmore Located in the Bow Valley of the Canadian Rockies, Canmore provides visitors with access to Banff National Park. You’ll find several festivals and annual events to enjoy as you explore the natural beauty of the surrounding region. Canmore Uncorked is one of the best celebrations in the area. Hosted every April, it provides two weeks of special pricing at local restaurants and provides visitors access to several culinary events throughout the town. The Winter Carnival is another...


Churchill Travel Wiki Travel to Churchill Hudson Bay is one of the most beautiful areas of Canada. Its northerly location takes it off the radar of the casual visitor, leaving an unspoiled area of nature that is just waiting to be explored. In the autumn, the polar bears in the region tend to move toward the shore, creating a unique experience to enjoy when visiting Churchill. Ecotourism is the foundation of what makes Churchill such an intriguing location. Beluga whales traverse the...


Drumheller Travel Wiki Travel to Drumheller Drumheller, Alberta, in the heart of Canada’s prairies, proclaims itself“The Dinosaur Capital of North America”, and has the fossils to back it up. Just northwest of Drumheller is the Dinosaur Trail, a 32-mile (50km) circular drive along Highway 838 that will lead visitors to, among other things, the Royal Tyrell Museum of Palaeontology, and the World’s Largest Dinosaur. The Royal Tyrell Museum has a wide array of exhibits.  The Hexen Science Hall features an interactive display...


Edmonton Travel Wiki Travel to Edmonton Edmonton was founded in the late 18th century as a fort, becoming a major trading post for Hudson’s Bay Company in the region. It is a city that loves a good festival, hosts the largest shopping mall in North America, and offers a living history museum to tour. Fort Edmonton Park offers visitors a glimpse of what life was like in the late 19th and early 20th century. Staff at the park dress from the various...


Halifax Travel Wiki Travel to Halifax Halifax is your staging point for exploring the Atlantic coast of Canada. Located on a series of almost 4,000 coastal islands, there are numerous kilometers of coastline to explore. Find a spot of rugged beach to enjoy, watch the waves come in, and you’ll have the foundations of a peaceful afternoon. Several museums in Halifax work to highlight the local culture of the city and Nova Scotia. The Canadian Museum of Immigration, found at Pier 21,...


Jasper Travel Wiki Travel to Jasper Nestled in the Canadian Rockies, Jasper is a small town that was founded in the early 19th century. Its original purpose was to service the local fur trade, but with the railroad reaching the community in 1907, Jasper National Park became one of the best reasons to visit this beautiful area in Alberta. Within Jasper National Park, you’ll find hot springs, waterfalls, mountain lakes, and the Columbia Icefield. Elk, moose, reindeer, bighorn sheep, and several different...


Kelowna Travel Wiki Travel to Kelowna With lush fields and clear lakes, Kelowna has become widely renowned as a lakeside paradise perfect for family and couple getaways. Situated on Okanagan Lake, Kelowna is becoming one of British Columbia’s most popular destinations with its expanse of beaches and parks. During its summer seasons, it welcomes thousands of visitors who want to take advantage of its golf courses and diverse wineries. Perfect for art enthusiasts and wilderness explorers, Kelowna is equal parts outdoor adventure...


Mississauga Travel Wiki Travel to Mississauga Located along the shores of Lake Ontario, Mississauga is a suburb of Toronto and settlements have been in the region since the 18th century.  The tow was officially formed in 1805, with land grants being offered to loyalists escaping America during their war for independence. Many of the activities that you’ll find in Mississauga are connected to the central Civic Square. More than 60 free events are planned annually so that the community always seems to...


Montreal Travel Wiki Travel to Montreal Montreal is a city that offers beautiful experiences in numerous ways. One of the best places to experience this beauty is at Mont-Royal.  Not only can you see the city stretch out before you at its summit, it is the perfect place for an early morning stroll. If you get up early enough, you can even catch a sunrise slowly stretch out over the city. There aren’t many food specialties that are directly associated with Canadian...

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Travel Wiki Travel to Niagara Falls The name Niagara Falls conjures up familiar images of the powerful, gushing waters surrounded by rising mists that look like something out of a fairytale. While the Falls themselves are, of course, stunning, there is much more to a Niagara Falls vacation. The beautiful Niagara area of the province of Ontario has plenty of opportunities to explore the amazing natural scenery. No visit would be complete without a trip to one of the region’s...

Ottawa, capital of Canada

Ottawa Travel Wiki Travel to Ottawa Ottawa is one of Canada’s hidden gems. Not often on the radar of the average tourist, you’ll find an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming, and with feelings of home. It is a technological and political center, but it is also a city of intense beauty. You can see this first-hand with a visit to Parliament Hill, ByWard Market, and the Golden Triangle. Like many European cities, most the architecture in Ottawa is mean to be functional and...


Quebec Travel Wiki Travel to Quebec Quebec City sits on the St. Lawrence River, which is the path that was once believed to lead to the Northwest Passage. It is a city that has held its French heritage close to heart, which can be immediately seen during a stroll through Old Quebec. This UNESCO World Heritage Site feels straight out of Europe with its fortified walls and rising towers. Be sure to linger along the Dufferin Terrace and bring your camera. Quebec offers...


Regina Travel Wiki Travel to Regina Regina was settled in a region that was flat, virtually treeless, and virtually uninteresting. Only a small spring was in the area, which was dammed by city planners so that at least a small lake could be enjoyed by the first settlers in the region. Over the generations, however, Regina has grown into a city that thrives on theater, music, and dance, with several parks and green spaces to explore. If you love a good outdoor adventure...


Richmond Travel Wiki Travel to Richmond Richmond can be found between the border of the United States and Vancouver. It is found on Lulu Island and offers adventures on the Strait of Georgia to enjoy, from fishing charters to sightseeing opportunities. Every Canada Day, a salmon festival is held here that includes parades and barbecued fillets to enjoy. For a beautiful sunset, you’ll want to make your way over to Wreck Beach. It’s nearly 8 kilometers in length and, if the...


Saskatoon Travel Wiki Travel to Saskatoon If you wish to experience the rustic beauty of Saskatchewan, then Saskatoon is your destination of choice. Named after a berry that grows in the region, the city was founded in the late 19th century to escape the “ravages” of the liquor trade in eastern Canada. Through the years, Saskatoon has evolved into a modern metropolis masterpiece. Several museums and galleries are worth a tour when visiting this stunning Canadian city. The Mendel Art Gallery features...


Toronto Travel Wiki Travel to Toronto Toronto is a city that never seems to sleep. It is also a city that feels like the entire area is a thriving International District, even if you happen to be in one of the expanding outer neighborhoods. You can find eat dinner at a Creole restaurant, take a walk downtown to pick up a Cuban cigar, and then make your own naan for a late-night snack if you wish. Thanks to its location on Lake Ontario,...


Vancouver Travel Wiki Travel to Vancouver Vancouver is one of Canada’s most culturally and ethnically diverse cities. It’s also one of the densest cities of the nation. This has led to the development of a very unique cultural identity, incorporating tribal, urban, and wilderness influences into an incredible coastal community. You can experience this culture first-hand during a visit to the Vancouver Art Gallery, where regional works are always featured. There are numerous opportunities to explore at your own leisure during a...

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Biggest City Canada

Facts about Canada, Biggest city What are the name of the biggest city Canada, and how big are city by population. Easy overview of the informations in the sortable table below. Please note that the informations comes from various sources,if you are using the informations professional you should get confirmation that the figures are actual. Last update august 2017

Canada Holidays

Canada Public Holidays See the calendars for national Canada holidays year by year. Find and just click on the year you for which you need more information about Canada holidays, and the calendar for the year will open. When is the non working days for the year. Public / national days, see the calendar for the country here.

Geography and facts, Canada

Canada, geography and facts explained Geograhy, facts, local customs and foodie guide. All explained in videos 8 to 15 minutes, very good, informative and funny videos that will ensure you see the videos to the end. The videos are produced by Geography now, thanks for the videos and keep up the good work. Discover Canada Vast, multifaceted Canada is a tapestry of many cultures, fast-paced urban centers and huge swaths of wilderness. A Canada vacation could have dozens of different itineraries, but there are...

Money Canada, Local Currency, Dollar

Money in Canada (notes and coins) Canadas legal tender is called Dollar (CAD). 1 Dollar = 100 cent. Coins in circulation: $1, and $2 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, 50¢ coins 5 cent coins usually called a nickel, 10 cent coins called a dime, 25 cent coins called a quarter, 1 dollar coins called a loonie and two dollar coins called a twoonie. Notes in circulation: $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100. Bank of Canada

National Tourist Information Canada

Traveladvisor in Canada: Are you going on a vacation you can get lots of free and professional help, traveladvice and information from the National Tourism Organisation. Discover the country and the cities getting the most out of your vacation with the professional help from the people who knows their country and their culture the best. Canada Tourism Authority WEBSITE FACEBOOK TWITTER YOUTUBE FLICKR INSTAGRAM GOOGLE+ PINTEREST VIMEO About Canada Home to hockey, Canada is a country of beautiful cities and wide open spaces. If you are considering taking a trip to the...

Online currency exchange rates

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CAD - Canadian Dollar

Official holidays

When are holidays and no working days in the country ?

January 1New Year's DayJour de l'AnNational
2 Mon. In Feb.Family DayFête de la familleBC, NB
3 Mon. In Feb.Louis Riel DayJournée Louis RielMB
3 Mon. In Feb.Islander DayFête des InsulairesPE
3 Mon. In Feb.Family DayFête de la familleAB, MB, ON, SK
3 Mon. In Feb.Heritage DayFête du PatrimoineNS
March 17Saint Patrick's DayJour de la Saint-PatrickNL
VariableGood FridayVendredi saintNational
VariableEaster MondayLundi de PâquesAB, PE
April 23Saint George's DayJour de St. GeorgeNL
Mon on/before May 24National Patriots' DayJournée nationale des patriotesQC
Mon on/before May 24Victoria DayFête de la ReineAB, BC, MB, NB, NT, NS, NU, ON, PE, SK, YT
June 21National Aboriginal DayJournée nationale des AutochthonesNT, YT
June 24Discovery DayJournée découverteNL, QC, YT
July 1Canada DayFête du CanadaNational
July 12Orangemen's DayFête des orangistesNL
1 Mon. in Aug.Civic HolidayPremier lundi d'aoûtBC, MB, NL, NT, NU, ON, SK
1 Mon. in Aug.Heritage DayFête du patrimoineAB, YT
1 Mon. in Aug.New Brunswick DayJour de Nouveau BrunswickNB
1 Mon. in Aug.Natal DayJour de la FondationNS
3 Fri. in Aug.Gold Cup Parade DayDéfilé de la Coupe d'orPE
3 Mon. in Aug.Discovery DayJour de la DécouverteYT
1 Mon. in Sep.Labour DayFête du travailNational
2 Mon. in Sep.ThanksgivingAction de grâceNational
November 11Armistice DayJour de l'ArmisticeNL
November 11Remembrance DayJour du SouvenirAB, BC, NB, NT, NS, NU, PE, SK, YT
December 25Christmas DayNoëlNational
December 26Boxing DayLendemain de NoëlAB, NB, NS, ON, PE
AB = Alberta, BC = British Colombia, MT = Manitoba, NB = New Brunswick, NL = New Foundland and Labrador, NT = Northwest Territories, NS = Nova Scotia, NU = Nunavut, ON = Ontario, PE = Prince Edward Island, QC =Quebec, SK = Saskatchewan, YT = Yokon

Which are the largest cities ?

Listing of the most important and largest cities in the country


If your holiday to Canada is based in one of the towns or cities, you will be able to get around by bus or train with relative ease. Six Canadian cities – Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Ottawa – have urban rapid transit systems in operation. For travelling further afield, the train network is both reliable and exceedingly beautiful.

One of the largest and most physically diverse countries on the planet; you can find whatever you’re looking for in Canada. With major cities, remote hamlets, hot summers, cold winters, water sports, winter sports and everything in between, a trip to this wonderful country will provide you with unforgettable experiences from the moment you arrive.

This huge country has a relatively small population, so there is plenty of solitude if you want it. Also home to a number of bustling cities if you prefer a little more buzz; there really is something for all tastes to be found when you take a holiday to Canada.

Making a decision on where to stay in Canada will very much depend on which type of holiday you prefer. If you want a city destination which offers a wide range of entertainment options, restaurants and hotels, book a Canada holiday in Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal.

However, if you prefer the idea of a rural retreat, you will be spoilt for choice. The wide open spaces of British Columbia, for example, offer tranquillity and solitude amid thousands of square kilometres of breathtaking countryside. Be warned, however, that the more isolated regions can be rather harsh locations in the depths of winter.

There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of impressive natural landmarks in Canada; but the most spectacular of all surely has to be Niagara Falls. These spectacular waterfalls are located on the US-Canada border, just an 80-minute drive from Toronto. If you’re anywhere in eastern Canada, be sure to include Niagara on your travel itinerary.

If you’re on a holiday to Canada and you feel the urge to indulge yourself with some retail therapy, you will want to visit the spectacular West Edmonton Mall, the largest shopping mall in North America and one of the ten largest in the whole world. With more than 800 stores and a range of visitor attractions on offer, you can spend a whole day here and still leave plenty of things undiscovered. If you like shopping, you’ll love this place.

You may be surprised to hear that Canada is also home to a great range of beaches, offering the perfect environment for rest and recuperation, as well as a wide choice of water sports. One of the finest of all is at Long Beach on Vancouver Island. With more than 16 kilometres of sandy haven to choose from, you can be sure of an idyllic spot at which to lay your head. It’s to be found in the truly beautiful Pacific Rim National Park Reserve in British Columbia.

For many travellers in the know, Canada is a haven for lovers of winter sports. There are so many ski resorts in various parts of the country to choose from. As well as perfect slopes, there is also a friendly ski community offering a pleasant way of life after the ski runs have been closed for the evening.

While many people choose a Canada holiday to sample the spectacular countryside, a significant number opt to visit Toronto to take in the sights of this cool, cultured city. For the best views of this stunning metropolis, make sure you visit the observation deck of the CN Tower. If you’re feeling particularly brave, don the safety harness and enjoy the Edge Walk, a white-knuckle stroll at a height of 356 metres.

Discover the Beauty of British Colombia

The westernmost province in Canada is certainly a sight for sore eyes, boasting some of the most mesmerising and breath-taking scenery in the world, as well as being rich in both wildlife and cultural heritage. British Columbia holidays are the perfect escape for lovers of the great outdoors, while culture vultures will love the sophistication and heritage found in cities like Vancouver and Victoria. Whether you choose to base yourself in a big city or out in the even bigger wilderness of British Columbia, your break in Canada will be blessed by continuous captivation in one of the world’s most celebrated areas. Explore one of the region’s iconic national parks, embrace action and adventure in the mountains or on the ocean, or gorge yourself silly across the fantastic culinary scene of Vancouver – all ideal ingredients to a perfect getaway.

Throughout your holidays to British Columbia, you’ll be faced by remarkable natural scenery, whether you find yourself in the heart of the wild, or even within one of the region’s cities. There are numerous national parks to choose from for some outdoor exploration, and among the finest are Yoho National Park – bordering Banff and boasting glistening lakes and cascading falls – and Glacier National Park which allows an encounter with the Canadian Rockies. The town of Clearwater allows easy access to the adventure-filled Wells Gray Park, offering bird-watching, wildlife encounters, hiking, kayaking and fishing to name but a few activities. Staying in the large city of Vancouver on your holidays in British Columbia will offer up numerous top quality hotels to warm your chilled hiking bones. You can engage with culture here too, particularly in the form of the Vancouver Art Gallery or the Royal British Columbia Museum. See if you can hike part of the world-famous Wild Pacific Trail before heading off to indulge in some kayaking, rafting, rock climbing, biking, surfing skiing or swimming – or whatever tickles your fancy in this adventure paradise.

British Columbia holidays are the ultimate breath of fresh air, in more ways than one! Yes, the air here is crisp, cool and clean, with many thanks to the stunning environment but it is also like nowhere else you will have travelled to before. British Columbia, fondly known as BC, is Canada’s third-largest province with over 4.4 million people calling this west coast province home. Known for its majestic mountains, crystal clear lakes, mesmerising national parks and rustic charm, British Columbia is beautiful beyond belief. Whether you’re in the backcountry of BC, or feeling the adrenaline rush of cosmopolitan Vancouver, British Columbia with have you experiencing Canada at its very best.

The sky is the limit when it comes to where to stay in British Columbia! There are a number of popular accommodation destinations in BC which are worth looking into when planning your British Columbia holiday. Vancouver, the province’s largest city, is an excellent starting point during your visit. Most visitors to British Columbia will land in Vancouver, making it an excellent base to begin your trip. After you’ve experienced the buzzing city scene, it is definitely worth staying somewhere where the sounds of the city are replaced with river rapids, chirping birds and the sound of trees dancing in the wind. The Gulf Islands, Kooteney Rockies, Vancouver Island and Whistler are but some of the ultimate getaways.

Picture perfect British Columbia has so much to offer. From its mystical natural wonderland to its adventure activities, Canada’s western most province will enchant you in every way possible. BC is home to seven of Canada’s national parks, each with their own unique story to share. British Columbia prides itself on being able to bring humans and nature together. The province is home to an impressive collection of wild animals, great and small. Grizzly bears, black bears, moose, wolves, elk and coyotes are but some of the phenomenal range of animals which roam free in much of British Columbia. A visit to BC would not be complete without exploring at least one of the national parks. Glacier National Park, Kootenay National Park, Mount Revelstoke National Park and Yoho National Park are some of the parks in BC which will enthral and amaze you.

British Columbia is the ultimate family friendly holiday destination and the perfect place to get the kids reacquainted with the great outdoors and all its friendly inhabitants. Vancouver is an excellent base to travel from. Not only are there a myriad of things to see and so in this multicultural city, but trips out of the city can be arranged without any hassle at all. Rail tours to Whistler are popular, as are trips to Vancouver Island and the North Shore of Vancouver.

British Columbia is a favoured destination of travellers to Canada, partly due to its milder weather. Unlike much of the rest of Canada, British Columbia does not experience arctic winters which force not only animals but people into hibernation. The milder winters contribute to BC’s appreciation for year-round outdoor activities and make travelling there any time of the year a definite possibility.

Whether you’re coming to British Columbia for the fresh seafood, stunning environment, eclectic cities or a combination of everything, this breathtakingly beautiful part of the world is sure to impress.

Discover the Beauty of Nova Scotia

Located in the heart of Canada, Novia Scotia is Latin for ‘New Scotland’, bringing with it the traditions and customs of the Scottish settlers that made a home there in the 17th century. You’ll find plenty to fill your days on Nova Scotia holidays, from cultural and historical attractions to lush vineyards awaiting your arrival, there is a wealth of opportunity to be found in this diverse destination.

Nova Scotia is an Atlantic province whose capital is Halifax. Its name is Latin for ‘New Scotland’. Scots were among the early settlers in the area but didn’t arrive in numbers until the late 1700s. Connected to the mainland at New Brunswick, Nova Scotia comprises an area just over 55,000 square kilometres and has a continental climate, meaning summers can be hot and winters cold, while rainfall is moderate. There’s lots of outdoor activities to enjoy on your Nova Scotia holiday, including sailing, kayaking, hiking and fishing. Golf is also popular, and you can even go whale watching for the ultimate experience of a lifetime.

Stay in Halifax Metro for a cosmopolitan atmosphere to your holiday, with its great shopping, restaurants and galleries, and wonderful views of the harbour. The Bay of Fundy and Annapolis Valley area has excellent scenery and enormous tidal waves – the highest in the world – at up to 16.5 metres. There, you can also go kayaking and whale watching. Other popular areas to stay include South Shore, Eastern Shore and Cape Breton Island, an islet to the northeast that is full of natural beauty. Yarmouth and Acadian Shores is also a good place to stay, as is Northumberland Shore.

Nova Scotia has spectacular scenery that provides endless hours of enjoyment for hikers and cyclists. There are many other things to see, such as the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site on Cape Breton Island. The site is beside where the inventor of the telephone had his summer home, and it showcases all of his major inventions, designs and achievements, including Canada’s first powered flight with the Silver Dart airplane.

Other popular attractions in Nova Scotia include Joggins Fossil Cliffs in the Fundy Shore and Annapolis area. The cliffs and their ancient contents is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A good time will be had by all at Alexander Keith’s Brewery in Halifax Metro, one of Nova Scotia’s best-known citizens, from the late 1800s, who was a major as well as a renowned brewer. Peggy’s Cove in South Shore is a famous fishing village, with its lighthouse the focal point for visitors.

Many people are drawn to Nova Scotia because of what’s in its waters: whales. The best areas are off the Bay of Fundy and Cape Breton Island. There’s usually a number of whale species and they’re often accompanied by dolphins. Cruise operators generally guarantee you will see whales.

Also on the water, you can learn to surf as well as going tidal bore rafting. Nova Scotia has some excellent natural wines and you can sample some at the various vineyards.

Seafood such as lobster is a speciality of Nova Scotia, and altogether there are over 1,300 restaurants where you can dine either casually or in style. You’ll find pubs and cafés in many places as well as roadside stands in the summer that sell fish and chips.

There’s live music at various venues, as well as stage productions at theatres and performing arts centres. One of the more interesting is Shakespeare by the Sea at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax, where performances are in nature trails and the ruins of old colonial forts.

With its spectacular surroundings and vast landscapes, holidays to Nova Scotia are ideal for lovers of the great outdoors. Whether you’re seeking action and adventure or rest and relaxation, you’ll find plenty of wide open spaces to explore, as well as leafy national parks, coastal retreats and excellent hotels.

Whether you’re looking to step back into nature or embark on big adventures in a bustling city, holidays in Nova Scotia cater for a variety of tastes. Unspoilt coastal beach trails and leafy wilderness paths in charming forestland offer ideal spots for hiking or biking – perfect if you’re looking for an active holiday.

Meanwhile, the buzzing capital city of Halifax is the ideal choice for those that are looking to don their dancing shoes. With a world-class dining scene and a vibrant music scene, there is no better place to experience after the sun has set.

Discover the Beauty of Ontario

Beyond the outstanding beauty and good-looking cities, Ontario holidays encapsulate everything from red maple trees and the lovable moose, to majestic mountains and Canada’s largest city – the region really having it all and the vastness of the province will ensure you’ll be coming back for more and more. Not many appreciate the gravity of what Ontario is really all about, but with over 250,000 lakes containing a third of the world’s fresh water, well over a third of Canada’s population living within the region’s limits and an endless supply of forests, wilderness and wildlife, Ontario can surely be considered the real deal when it comes to size and prominence. Not far away in fact, you’ll additionally be near to the world-famous Niagara Falls, a combination of three waterfalls which act as a highlight for any holidays to Ontario, and representing even more of a spectacle in winter, should you be lucky enough to see the frothy waters frozen over.

Getting to grips with nature can be a rewarding experience in Ontario, whether you’re hiking the Sleeping Giant, exploring Termagami’s Old Growth Forest or canoeing in one of the region’s many lakes – there’s a plethora of natural splendour to embark upon during your time away. You’ll also find a range of cuisines on offer with an interesting twist, Canada providing an unexpected culinary genius that many people tend to overlook, there’s truly no better way to fuel your excursions during your holidays in Otario. For something a little different, make sure you visit Ingersoll, a captivating town of beauty and activity. Here you can get to know a bit more about Canada’s agricultural traditions in the Ingersoll Cheese and Agricultural Museum, while the Leaping Deer Adventure Farm & Market is a great place that the whole family will enjoy.

Discover the Beauty of Quebec

Holidays in Quebec are never boring! Brace yourself for the mind blowing experiences that the province has to offer. Quebec is in east central Canada where the language is predominately French. The province will allow you to experience winter at its best with fun activities for everyone such as snowmobiling, hockey tournaments and a unique igloo hotel! One of the great things about holidays in “Quebec” is that it has the perfect snow conditions for family activities. You can rent snowmobiles in the region, so you can witness the kilometres of snow covered landscapes. Why not make your dreams reality by going dogsledding through a field of snow; I’m sure if you are travelling with kids, they will definitely enjoy it!

Is shopping your weakness? Are you a fiend for sale signs? Well, you’d better get down to ‘Boulevard Laurier’ while your on your holiday. It is home to three popular fashion centres that have 350 stores including restaurants and boutiques. The boulevard is in a location where you can easily access it by train, bus or car. No matter what the season, there’s always great entertainment available. For the music lovers, there is the Theatre de Quebec that always has a line-up of opera shows, and shows by the city’s symphony orchestra. And if that isn’t enough, why travel to China to see the Great Wall of China when Quebec has its very own! With over 4.6 kilometres of walls, this historic attraction reveals the story behind how and why the wall came out. In addition to that, I’m sure the beautiful Montmorency Falls Park will capture your attention with its 83m high waterfall on your Quebec holidays.

Canada is a great ski destination

Canada’s skiing is world famous, and people flock from all over every winter to enjoy the slopes and the dramatic scenery. When you’re not skiing or snowboarding, there’s so much else to see and enjoy, including the country’s ancient culture, that you’ll find it hard to fit it all in.

Some of the best snow in the world is found in Canada, and not surprisingly it’s one of the best places in the world for a skiing holiday. British Columbia to the west is the country’s most mountainous region and has stunning scenery as well as slopes. Its key resorts are the spectacular areas of Whistler and Banff, and both are relatively near to airports, in Vancouver and Calgary. On the eastern side of the country, most of the skiing is in Quebec, with Mont Tremblant one of the most popular destinations. Its slopes are more like hills – making ideal conditions for beginners while still having the more challenging routes for experienced skiers.

The resort town of Banff is a popular choice for skiers; it’s located in the Banff National Park in Alberta and is surrounded by mountains and has hot springs. Big White is another well-known ski resort and is in the Southern Interior of British Columbia. You can also ski in Canmore in Alberta and Fernie in British Columbia. Other popular choices with skiers include the magical town of Whistler just north of Vancouver and Jasper in Alberta; it lies in the Canadian Rockies, so you’re sure of a spectacular skiing holiday. Lake Louise in Alberta and Mont Tremblant in Quebec are also excellent locations.

Some of the best skiing in the world is located around Canada’s mountainous regions, with spectacular scenery and excellent accommodation. The popular resort of Whistler in British Colombia was a location for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. But whether you’re expert on the slopes or just a novice, everyone’s welcome to ski.

All sorts of other snow-based activities are available at the dozens of ski resorts all over the country. These include snowboarding, ice skating, cross-country skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, curling and more.

If there’s one thing skiers love more than getting on to the piste, it’s getting off it and into the bars: après ski is a great way to relax and meet people as you sip on drinks and nibble on local morsels. The many wonderful bars and restaurants dotted around the various resorts eagerly await the influx of the day’s skiers, and many provide good entertainment such as live music and dancing.

Health and wellness have become a popular trend at ski resorts in Canada, and there’s a variety of services to choose from in some areas, including massage and yoga as well as fitness and spa treatments.

There’s lots of local culture to delve into, including in Jasper and Whistler, where First Nations indigenous people shaped the areas and their legacies abound and live on. The wilderness of the Rocky Mountains in Banff National Park is an attraction in its own right. The many art galleries showcase local and international talent and while the museums are a window into the regions’ rich pasts.

The ski resorts of Canada have some of the best entertainment and nightlife anywhere; in some places it’s almost as popular as the daytime activities on the slopes. A skiing holiday in Canada makes it a winter to remember, on and off the piste.

Its majestic mountain ranges lend themselves well to thrill-seeking skiers, while those feeling less adventurous will appreciate its stunning views and picturesque landscapes. With some great resorts boasting an array of slopes for varied levels ofexperience, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re an expert or beginner, a snowboarding champion or an après-ski enthusiast, Canada ski holidays are the ideal choice for holidaymakers with a sense of adventure.

Discover Alberta

Bordered by the valleys of the Rocky Mountains, Alberta is home to some of the most iconic ski resorts in the world, making it the perfect place to land your ski boots. Nestled in these valleys, adorned with unspoilt wilderness is Banff, a tourist town with a pleasant charm. With distinctive scenery and the perfect amount of faux-snow and sunshine, this is the perfect place to bring your family when embarking on your ski holidays to Canada. Meanwhile, The Lake Louise ski area overlooks dramatic peaks along with hanging glaciers and craggy rocks – perfect for adrenaline junkies. Those looking for plenty of snow and luxury hotels should head to Whistler for its peaceful fairy-tale setting. Whether you’re looking for sophisticated retreats or cheap hotels, there is somewhere to suit you.

Après- Ski

When it comes to fun and entertainment off-piste, ski holidays in Canada have this covered too. For a chance to recharge and refuel after a day on the slopes, Banff boasts over 100 places to eat. If you fancy something filling, head to Athena for large pizzas at a good price while families will love the Old Spaghetti Factory. Meanwhile, the small resort of Lake Louise boasts a range of beautiful alpine tea houses overlooking Lake Agnes, serving a good selection of baked goods.

If you’d rather hit the bars the minute you leave the slopes, Whistler is the place to be. Longhorn Saloon’s huge deck is buzzing with people from morning to night, serving the finest in après-ski refreshment. Once you’ve savoured a few frosty ones, head to Garfinkel’s Night Club for a spot of dancing, night time music and guaranteed good fun.

If your Canada ski holidays need to cater for all the family, head to Banff. Not only is there a great junior ski slope for little ones to learn, there are also some great family attractions – from dogsledding and tobogganing to the Sulpher Mountain, easily accessible by cable car.

More than ski

Of course, ski holidays to Canada are not complete without taking advantage of everything the surrounding areas have to offer. Veering away from its ski resorts, the town of Banff has plenty of things to do on your trip.

If you want to indulge in a spot of culture, you’ll enjoy the variety of galleries, museums and historic sites found in Banff National Park. At the Banff Park Museum, you’ll be able to learn about the animals, plants and minerals associated with the park while the Canadian Ski Museum West explores the history of skiing through a range of exhibits – including photography exhibitions and memorabilia.

After a long day of sightseeing, there is no better place to relax than Banff’s iconic Upper Hot Springs. Modern facilities with a historic feel are set against a backdrop of spectacular alpine scenery, so head along and ease your sore muscles in the natural hot springs water – perfect after a long hike.