Tuesday, September 17, 2019

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Biggest City Honduras

Facts about Honduras, Biggest city What are the names of the largest cities in Honduras, and how big are the cities by population. Easy overview of...

City A-Z


Tegucigalpa, capital of Honduras

Tegucigalpa, or Teguz if one prefers, serves as the capital of Honduras. It is a city where the culture of Central America is frequently on display. With more than 400 years of history as a colonial city, the landmarks and parks are filled with statues and monuments which honor those who have come before. Take the Parque La Leona, for example. It’s location, on a plateau which overlooks the city, provides an impressive view. It’s the perfect destination for those who...

The Republic of Honduras lies centrally in Central America, providing coastline along the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

It is a location where Spanish Colonial culture is dominant, but a mix of other customs from locals has created a unique combination that deserves to be explored.

Many of the holidays that are celebrated in Honduras are tied to certain festivals. During the Easter celebrations, for example, you will find many neighborhoods coming together to create sawdust carpets. On the Children’s Day festival, presents are given and parties are hosted in a manner that is similar to a birthday or a Christmas holiday.

For those who love the outdoors, Cusuco National Park is an excellent destination to explore. It is a rugged environment that provides difficult access points, but provides rewarding landscapes and world-class mountain backpacking opportunities in return. Guides can be arranged to take you into the core zones of the park.

Lake Yojoa is another destination in Honduras that must be experienced. Along the road by the lake, you’ll find several restaurants offering fried fish dishes that are worth the trip. The views of the lake are quite impressive and you’ll have access to two other national parks, Santa Barbara and Cerro Azul Meanbar, during your time there.

Visiting Copan is also on the agenda with a trip to Honduras. It is one the of best Mayan enclaves in the Americas, with the sculptures being some of the best you’ll ever see. Plan a 3-day stay for Copan at minimum so you won’t miss anything.

Honduras may offer some challenging environments, but it provides numerous rewards for those who are willing to make an investment. Come here and you will be able to plan an exciting excursion.

Visit Honduras.

Things to do and see in Honduras

Try whitewater rafting in Honduras.

If you really feel ambitious, you might enjoy a ride down the rivers of Honduras. A cheap holiday vacation in Honduras can be extremely adventurous when you plan your trip around the whitewater rafting experience. Imagine the off-season in Honduras finding new uncharted waters with more rapids than you could ever need. You plan a vacation that includes a guided tour or if you are experienced, you might try the waters yourself. There are so many uncharted waters in Honduras just waiting to be discovered.

Many times, rafters start in La Ceiba, which takes you on the tour of a lifetime through a beautiful gorge and some spectacular jungle areas. The Honduras holiday vacation is one of the best presents you could give to yourself. I f plan the trip during a holiday that is also an off-season time, you can find some cheap holiday packages that allows the entire family to go along.

The months of November and December are the best time to visit Honduras because the rainy season is done and the waters are ready to send you on a thrill you will not forget. The challenge of whitewater rafting as the waters rise and fall is incredible.

How is the weather in Honduras?

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18.9 ° C
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75 %
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What is the capital of Honduras