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Guadeloupe Travel Wiki

Easy travel guide
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Travel to Guadeloupe

Located in the Lesser Antilles region of the Caribbean Sea, Guadeloupe is part of the Leeward Islands and is considered an insular region of France. There are two main islands for Guadeloupe: Basse-Terre and Grade-Terre. They are separated by a small strait that can be crossed by bridges, so the two are often referred to as a single island. Several smaller islands round out the rest of the country. Many find themselves making their way to St. Anne during their stay on the islands. Numerous activities are available, from daily markets next to the beach to the summer festivals. Club Med is located at Caravel, while the town beach offers blue waters and clean sands to enjoy.

If you’re looking for a quieter destination in Guadeloupe, try Le Moule. This beautiful town is outside of the normal areas of tourism and provide you with access to archeological and ethnographic museums. This is the place to go if you want to learn more about the native culture of the island. For those who want to enjoy the nightlife offered on the islands, Gosier is the place to be. Most of the nightclubs allow entry when dressed properly, so be sure to bring your best outfits to dance the night away. Try Cubano Lollapoalooza for a fun and energetic atmosphere with the high covers that the other locations tend to charge.

Whether you like to get outside and explore or you’d prefer a quiet beach and warm sunshine, you’ll find that Guadeloupe offers the perfect holiday opportunity. Make your way here and you’ll be able to plan your own grand adventure.

Best of Guadeloupe

Experience combination of the warm blue waters of the Caribbean and the very best of French culture in Guadeloupe. This collection of Caribbean islands is actually a French overseas department and has a delightful crossover culture for you to experience. Guadeloupe is sometimes known as the Butterfly Island for the way the two largest islands connect together like wings. The islands are full of great beaches, vibrant nature parks, and even a volcano. There are plenty of ways to experience the scenery above land, and even under the sea.

Guadeloupe is dedicated to creating a greener environment through ecotourism. Make sure to check out La Désirade, a geological nature preserve that holds endangered plant life, or Guadeloupe National Park, which protects the local woodland. One of the best places to visit on the islands is the archipelago, which is one of only a few biosphere reserves in the world. There is such diversity in plant and animal life on the island just waiting for you to explore.

The islands are home to some fantastic natural wonders, and we are not just talking about its beautiful beaches. Journey over to the Lesser Antilles and visit Carbet Falls, an 800-foot waterfall that cascades down around the tropical rainforest in the region. While you are there, head up La Soufrière, the islands active volcano and see the many species of mangrove that are native to Guadeloupe.

It Is hard to have a vacation in Guadeloupe without taking advantage of the warm water in the Caribbean Sea. Spend a day taking advantage of the regions glorious beaches with some well-earned sun bathing or even try your hand at some watersports. Guadeloupe gets great winds that make it perfect for kite surfing or sailing. The islands are a fantastic place to glimpse tropical fish whether you snorkel, scuba dive, or even ride on a glass-bottomed boat.

Guadeloupe prides itself on its heavily diverse culture. The native language of the islands is French, but you will find plenty of people who speak English. The region claims influence from Africa, India, America, and Europe and produces some of the most interesting music and art you can imagine. Even the cuisine is a blend creating a unique flavor that you have to sample on your stay. The adults on your trip should also try the islands’ local white rum to get a real taste of the Caribbean.

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Basse-Terre, capital of Guadeloupe

Basse-Terre Travel Wiki Travel to Basse-Terre Not to be confused with Basseterre on St. Kitts, Basse-Terre is a city in Guadeloupe that is located on an island that shares its name. It serves as the administrative capital for the region and has a history that dates back to 1635. In its early days, this community was considered part of Saint Kitts and Nevis. Basse-Terre is the industrial center for the region, so many of the best sites on this island nation are...

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