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Although North America and South America get much of the attention, the Americas include Central America and the Caribbean as well.

When the entirety of the Americas is considered, it stretches from the North Pole to nearly Antarctica. Between these two extremes, one can find incredible mountain ranges, such as the Rockies or the Andes, ancient cultures, and modern marvels to enjoy.

The Americas are sometimes referred to as the New World. This comes from the 15th century exploration efforts that originated from Europe, but people had been visiting these continents for centuries before then. Many of the nations of the Americas have been independent for several centuries, but there are still pockets that are reminiscent of the Columbian exchange present as well – most notably, French Guiana and some islands in the Caribbean.

In the Americas, you will find some incredible natural wonders to explore. Some cities feel like a gateway to a previous time, with their colonial influences still very much on display.

How the Americas are divided into regional subcategories depends on the perspective being used. From a continental perspective, Central America is included with North America. From a cultural perspective, Mexico is included with Central and South America. Regional cultural separations create a Middle America, which can include portions of North, Central, and South America.

The Americas provide a wide array of cultures to explore, including native ancient cultures, that makes for a fascinating experience for the traveler. Gorgeous beaches, extensive hiking trails, and natural wonders await.

Below you find a list of countries in Americas from A-Z

Countries in Americas A - Z