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The geographic diversity of Western Africa is quite amazing. Not only can one access the desert vistas of the Sahara, but there is also the tropical climate of Cape Verde.

Many of the nations in this region have coastal access. Despite the variety, the cultures of this region have developed distinctive similarities in music, dress, and cuisine that makes for a fascinating adventure.

Certain traditions in this region have been practiced for centuries, even through the colonial period. Embroidery and hemming are especially common, with the work featured on jackets, tunics, and shirts. Many of the cuisine preferences out of Western Africa have influenced other regions of the world as well, most notably the Caribbean and the Americas.

At the same time, historical civilizations have had a moderate impact on this region as well. From the Greeks and Romans to the Ottoman Empire, there are traces of these historical cultures that can be found here as well. There are still numerous colonial influences that are fused with these elements to create an intriguing experience for the visitor.

For the adventurer, Western Africa offers numerous options that range from diving and snorkeling to backcountry treks. For those who want a relaxing holiday, there are world-class resorts along many coastal areas. One can explore the Sahara, experience local life, or spend time by a glistening swimming pool, surrounded by swaying palm trees.

Western Africa is a wonderful way to experience the continent of Africa for the first time. From Niger and Nigeria to Senegal and Liberia, there is something amazing just waiting to be found.

Below you find a list of countries belonging to the region known as Western Africa.

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