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Abuja Travel Wiki

City travel and information guide
Tourist information, guides, as well as search possibility for cheapest travel offers and hotel deals. Get the best and cheapest vacation.

Travel to Abuja

The capital of Nigeria is a planned city, with much of Abuja being built in the 1980s. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the world, making it a unique opportunity to explore the natural and cultural wonders of Africa.

There are only a few tall buildings in Abuja, so the skyline is often dominated by the city’s landmarks and the natural wonders that surround the city. One of the tallest structures, the Millennium Tower, stands at 170 meters and offers a home to numerous cultural centers for the city.

The National Mosque and National Church are also architectural wonders that are worth a visit and tour, if allowed. You may also enjoy spending time at the National Stadium or wandering through the Central Bank of Nigeria headquarters. Outside of the city, two dominant features can be found: Aso Rock and Zuma Rock.

Aso Rock is a large outcrop that stands 400 meters in height and the Nigerian Presidential Complex has been built around it. Aso means “victorious” in the local native language.

Zuma Rock is a large monolith is up to 725 meters in height and is depicted on some denominations of the local currency. There is a face-like carving on its side that is beautiful and a great opportunity to take pictures.

Abuja unlocks the majesty of Nigeria and the rest of Africa for those who love to explore. Plan your visit here and you’ll be able to experience a one-of-a-kind adventure.

Travel and vacation in Abuja, Nigeria

Here you can find information about travel and holiday trips to Nigeria. You will find travel deals as well as general travel information, guides, “good to know” and facts about Nigeria. We try to find the best travel video about the city and its surroundings and we write about the best sights, shopping and things to do. You will also find updated current weather and forecasts. The current exchange rates are also updated many times a day.

Travel and stay

If you are looking for places to stay there are some possibilities where you can search for the cheapest options.

Hostelworld where you can search for budget accommodation

Hotellook where you can search hotels and apartments

Airbnb where you can search accommodation in private apartments and rooms

Rent your transport

A way to get around the city is looking for offers on renting the transport.

Discover Cars is a website offering price comparison on car rentals all over the world

Rent bikes and motorbikes

BikesBooking is a website where you can search bikes, scooter and motorcycle rental.

City tours and transfers

When you are ready to discover the city you can find information about city tours and tranfers in the city on different websites offering search engines with all in one search.

Kiwitaxi is a website where you can search the best offers for city and airport transfers

City Tours and attractions

Find city tours and attractions with local guides and discover the city with the locals. Check ticket prices and book in advance for the biggest and most popular attractions.

Where is the city, maps

See on the map where you can find the city in the country and calculate how far it is.

City Tourist Information

Below you will find a listing of what to see and do in the city

Biggest City Nigeria

Facts about Nigeria, Biggest city What are the name of the biggest city Nigeria, and how big are city by population. Easy overview of the informations in the sortable table below. Please note that the informations comes from various sources,if you are using the informations professional you should get confirmation that the figures are actual. Last update august 2017

Geography and facts, Nigeria

Nigeria, geography and facts explained Geography, facts, local customs and foodie guide. All explained in videos 8 to 15 minutes, very good, informative and funny videos that will ensure you see the videos to the end. The videos are produced by Geography now, thanks for the videos and keep up the good work.

Nigeria Holidays

Nigeria Public Holidays See the calendars for national Nigeria holidays year by year. Find and just click on the year you for which you need more information about Nigeria holidays, and the calendar for the year will open. When is the non working days for the year. Public / national days, see the calendar for the country here.

Online weather and forecast

The weather and weather forecast for the coming days will be updated several times every day

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34 °
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32 %
2 %
37 °
36 °
39 °
39 °
40 °

Closest terminals to the city

Here you can see which is the closest terminals to the city


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