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Here Are the Top 10 Reasons To Go To Lisbon Today

Lisbon, the City by the Sea, is the gem of Portugal. It is the second oldest capital in all of Europe, behind Athens, and was the home to some of history’s greatest explorers. In many ways, that simple fact makes Lisbon the world’s first truly global city. At one time, the empire of Portugal stretched from South America to China!

Today the borders of Portugal are much more limited, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be robbed of the many scenic vistas that have made Lisbon such an attractive place to visit over the centuries. With sandy beaches, a unique natural harbor, and medieval neighborhoods, you’ll find that a lingering coffee break in this city could be one of your best-ever memories!

Although Lisbon has much to offer, there are 10 unique reasons to pay this incredible capital a visit. Let’s take a look at those reasons right now:

  • Incredible Culture

Lisbon was for centuries on the cutting edge of world exploration. Because of that emphasis, the riches within the city pay tribute to the cultural diversification that this city has always experienced. From the shore to the very heart of the city, Lisbon is a photographer’s dream. There’s a surprise around every corner, a sunset walk to enjoy, and incredible monuments like the Padrão dos Descobrimentos to view as you linger in this city.

  • Incredible Value

One of the best reasons to pay Lisbon a visit is its affordability. It is ranked as the least expensive capital to visit in all of Western Europe. It is entirely possible to spend an entire day in Lisbon, with a hotel room that evening, for less than 100 Euros.

  • Accessibility

Lisbon is within 2 hours traveling time from every major Western European location. In addition, it is also the closest European capital to the United States. This means that this city is truly a gateway of exploration, either to the East or to the West. That accessibility allows for this city to truly have a feeling of home, no matter what the length of stay might be.

  • Weather

Lisbon is located further south than most other European cities, meaning that it has a very temperate climate. Even in winter, you’ll find beautifully warm sunny days with maybe just a slight breeze with some chill to do. This climate makes it perfect to enjoy a beautiful sunset over the water at night with a warm cup of coffee.

  • Intimacy

Although the entire metropolitan area of Lisbon is home to over 3 million people, the city itself has less than half a million residents. That number has been trending lower over the last decade slightly, but that doesn’t mean Lisbon doesn’t have a thriving, welcoming city! This intimacy has led to a growing café culture where the focus of life is to enjoy each moment instead of rush right through it. This leads to a vibrancy in life that is difficult to replicate anywhere else in the world right now!

If your plan is to enjoy some coffee at sunset, then you’ll want to grab a cup at a neighborhood pasteleria, or coffee bar. Portuguese coffee tends to be less bitter than its European counterparts, yet it packs a tremendous punch. The best comparison is to call it a thinner version of Turkish coffee. For an added treat, pick up some Pasteis de Belem as a treat.

  • Beaches

Who doesn’t love a beautiful sandy beach? Lisbon is the only European capital that has access to sandy beaches within the city limits. This gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy a more resort-style atmosphere when visiting the city. Spending a morning at a local spa or over a lingering late breakfast is the perfect start to the day. From there, spend the afternoon at the beach, enjoying the sun and waves as they come up upon you. In the evening, be sure to try out one of Lisbon’s hottest new restaurants, featuring local cuisine and live music.

  • Safety

Visiting a new city makes you an automatic target and you’ll find that pick-pockets thrive in Lisbon. Unlike other cities, however, Lisbon rarely sees and random or tourist targeted violent crime. This gives you the ability to explore this city in confidence,.

  • Anyone Can Enjoy This City

Some cities claim to be family friendly or welcoming to all, but the reality is far from the truth. One attraction that would interest kids hardly makes a city family friendly! Lisbon is open to families, alternative lifestyles, and all minorities so that everyone can search for adventure within the city limits. The progressiveness here isn’t a political statement. It is simply part of the lifestyle of adventure that has always been apart of this city’s overall culture and atmosphere.

If the family is visiting with you, then be sure to take on the Lisbon Family Tour that is widely publicized. Although it is advertised that you can complete the entire tour in a day, it’s more like a two or even three day experience. Make sure to budget at least one day to visit the Lisbon Oceanarium, one of the largest in all of Europe.

  • Lots of Variety

Would you like to explore a castle that looks like it came out of a fairytale? Or play some games in Europe’s largest casino? Or how about some surfing on a beautiful day? There’s dolphin watching tours, natural parks to explore, and even world-class golf to enjoy. All of this adds up to Lisbon being one of Europe’s most romantic and adventurous capitals.

  • It Is a Gateway City

If you want to explore more of Portugal or you plan on seeing more of Europe, Lisbon is the perfect base of operations. You have easy access to everything that this beautiful city, country, and continent have to offer from one very central location! Because it is highly affordable, you’ll also find that basing out of Lisbon can make your holiday last even longer.

Why go to Lisbon? These Top 10 reasons are just the start of something special that you could experience on your next visit. Explore just as this city’s ancestors did centuries ago and you may find that this city will become your next soulmate.

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